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Chasing Wild Dreams

Anish Katyal

About Trail

Vehicle: Harley Davidson

Start Point: New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

Start Date: 08-January-2016

End Point: Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Palia Kalan, Uttar Pradesh 262902, India

End Date: 12-January-2016


New Delhi- Gajraula- Dhanupura- Bareilly- Palia Kalan

Our journey began at 5 in the morning as we set out from our homes. In the wee hours of the morning, the weather in New Delhi is usually foggy and it feels amazing to ride in cool climes. Our first stop was fora quick bit eat Gajraula.

Long rides often leave your fatigued and small tea breaks are a great way to energize yourself. Our next stop at Dhanupura did just that for us as we sipped hot tea and relaxed. As we sat and let the tea work its magic, we noticed a lot of locals were gathering around our bikes and seemed quite fascinated with them. They were talking among themselves as they handled and examined the bikes! It was nice to see our beloved machines being admired.

Rao Dhaba near Bareilly serves some amazingly delicious food which is a must-have for anyone who happens to take this route. As we sat there, licking our fingers, our bikes wowed people. The owner was so taken-in with our bikes that he offered us his gur (jaggery) chai for free. It was simply delicious. We started riding again soon enough and it wasn’t long before we were at our destination. Once we checked into the rooms that were available at the tiger reserve, we were fast asleep as soon as we hit the bed.


The best time to ride on this route is from December to February.


We were a group of 3 bike lovers and we enjoyed every minute of this trip.


We had our bikes serviced before the trip and carried with ourselves a basic tool kit and a first-aid kit. To make life simpler, we also decided on a formation we were going to follow on the road and had our safety gear on at all times while we were traveling.


Bluetooth devices played an important role when we needed to talk to each other while riding. Our GPS apparatus made sure we stayed on track, and the power banks we carried ensured our devices didn’t run out of juice.


The roads in U.P. are not very well maintained and are run-down in many places, but traffic was decent, so none of our timelines were compromised.


The weather was cold and foggy, but nothing a few Harley lovers couldn’t handle.


We stopped in Gajraula for lunch and again in Dhanupura for some tea. Dinner was at Rao Dhaba in Bareilly and throughout our journey, we were lucky enough to be served amazing food everywhere we stopped.


Get your bike serviced regularly. Keep one eye out for the tyre pressure while on the road and the other on the level of engine oil which should always be optimum as it’s important to keep the engine parts lubricated for a smooth riding experience.



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