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Coming A Full Circle

Labdhi Shah

About Trail

Vehicle: Harley Davidson

Start Point: Surat, Gujarat, India

Start Date: 06-November-2014

End Point: Pushkar, Rajasthan

End Date: 09-November-2016

The Journey: Surat – Baroda – Godhra – Shamlaji – Udaipur – Chittorgarh – Pushkar and back to Surat via the same route.


Ideal Time to Visit: November to December is the best time to travel on this route.


Entourage Strength: 20 Riders and 10 pillion riders.


Preps: Luggage in saddle bag, tool kit, basic tyre repair kit to fix punctures, first-aid kit with basic medicines, helmet, armour jacket, riding pants, and riding shoes.


Assistive Gizmos: GPS enabled devices are recommended on this route.


Road & Traffic Conditions: The route is pretty smooth with very less traffic. You will mostly have trucks passing by.


Best & Worst Stretches: The ride was at its best after Baroda to Shamlaji. This 200 kms stretch is one of the best that I have cruised through. From Shamlaji to Udaipur as well the roads are nice. The view is also scenic as you ride through the rocky terrain in this stretch.


Weather Encountered: It was a sunny day with the temperature around 15-20 degrees celsius and dry weather, which I personally consider and ideal day to ride. It was pleasant all along the journey.


Food Joints & Stopovers: We took our first break at Honest Restaurant at Karjan for breakfast. The food was amazing. The best part is that this chain of restaurant has placed an outlet at every 100 Kms in Gujarat. I would also suggest carrying enough water and energisers with you. Since, Gujarat and Rajasthan are pretty dry states and it is important to keep yourself hydrated and energetic while riding.


Bike Care: The best part about Harley bikes is that you just need to get it timely serviced. Fuel the tank, check the tyres for air pressure and you are good to go!


Locals: Locals are always good to you if you are good to them. The roads are well guided with sign boards; however locals are the best if you are looking for shortcuts. Our trip too got better when locals from the region helped us to find the best route and explained us all the shortcuts and long routes. They were also startled seeing Harley Davidson in a large group. The expression that they carried was priceless!


Reaching Pushkar wasn’t that easy for me since I got hit by a car speeding at 100 kmph. I was thrown away, my elbow was bruised, and I had a heavy impact on the body. But, I chose to carry on and reach Pushkar. My passion for riding and the support of fellow riders made me strong and kept me going through the journey. I can never forget this journey as it showed me the importance of life and how fragile it is. I also discovered my capabilities and strengths as a rider. I learnt that it is very important to be attentive and focused on the roads, especially in India, as the roads here are highly unpredictable with indisciplined traffic.


In the end, you always grow as a rider and learn something from every ride. This trail made me a more careful rider.

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