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Bangalore- Mysore- Madikeri | A Memorable Bike Trip

Chandrashekhar Joshi

About Trail

Vehicle: Mahindra

Start Point: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Start Date: 29-April-2017

End Point: Civet Creek Trail, Heravanadu, Karnataka 571201, India

End Date: 01-May-2017

This year, I marked an important milestone - I went for a biking trip to Madikeri. The trail we took was Bangalore-Maddur-Mysore-Kushalnagar-Madikeri(Coorg)-Civet Creek, for me it was a way to prepare for longer and more challenging rides in future. Our group was made up of 7 motorcycles and 8 people, both men and women, each with varying levels of riding experience. An experienced biker from our riding group planned the trip, including the destination. My wife was my pillion rider while everyone else was riding solo. About the bikes, there were four Mahindra Mojos, and one Royal Enfield Classic 350, Kawasaki Ninja 650 and Bajaj Avenger 220 each. Some of the members in the group had never met each other or were meeting for just about the second or third time, while some knew each other for decades.


We started on 29th April, a Saturday. While taking the Coorg route on weekends, with Mysore Road as the starting point, it is advisable to leave by 5am so that you cross the Mysore city limits by 7am and avoid the heavy traffic. We were riding for approximately 9 hours of our entire journey. On our way to Civet Creek, the Bangalore- Mysore- Kushalnagar stretch was pretty smooth. The weather was helpful as well. Mellow sunshine and light breeze rendered our pit stops relaxing and refreshing. However while enjoying the weather we took way too many stops, which broke our momentum to some extent. We ended up riding in the heat and rain, as the clouds cleared up during one of our stops. On the way back the weather could have been better. The extreme heat required frequent pit stops between Coorg and Mysore. It started raining during the last leg of the journey forcing us to take shelter between Channapatna & Ram Nagar.


When we got back home on Monday, I inspected my bike. It was alright except for a cut to the rear tire(tubeless) which happened somewhere between Kushalnagar to Hunsur, that couldn't have been fixed without a tube. I’d advise other first timers to do a pre-ride check up of your bike for fuel, air, breaks and indicators, among other things. Fueling up the night before your ride saves time. Also, plan your pit stops in advance and try not to make too many of them. Typically, a pit stop every 100-125kms shall be good. And along the Coorg route, plan what you're going to wear, and carry clothes/protection for sun and rain because you never know when it rains in Coorg!


Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to my next bike trip.

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