Spiti Valley – Capturing the middle land

Spiti Valley – Capturing The Middle Land
Spiti Valley – Capturing The Middle Land

In the Year, 2015, sitting at a friend’s place, 
somewhere between the plan to chill on the goa beaches, A trip to Spiti valley was born!!


The plan was made public and the interests poured in. We wanted to take
just 15 riders, ended by 
selecting 25. It took 2 months of extensive preparation from acquiring
gears, clothes, spares,  
necessary bike modification, tech session to endless adrenalin. The
levels of craziness touched its 
zenith  when We said we will do it in 6N/7D. Yes, We were mocked at,
laughed upon, recommended for 
therapy, MRI etc. But the, we gotta do, what we gotta do….


Day 1 – The day of Reckoning arrived. It was 2 am in the morning,  we loaded the luggage on our bikes and started for flag off
This kind of flag off was not anticipated. The whole RED team was
waiting for us to arrive at the 
point at 4 am in the morning. There were crackers, garlands, flower
shower, coconut ceremony, bike  
salute, sky shots and the final countdown.  


We started and the task was to cover around 400 kms that day. From Delhi
to Rampur. The journey 
went comfortable till Chandigarh and we started to witness breakdowns.
The disc break in two of  
our motorcycles failed and we were halted for quite some time before we
started to proceed.  The 
evening sun was setting upon us and we managed to reach our destination
in time. Little did we 
know, it was the first and last day we will be able to do so. 


Day 2 – The sun rays greeted us warmly and readied us for our first
challenge. Today we had to test 
our mettle and skill on the treacherous roads of kinnaur . We rode in
sync, carefully yet mesmerised 
by the roofy road till we hit the last Indian village. The roads are so
desolate that we did not find 
anything to eat. Driven mad by huger, we slyly stole some apples on the
way and filled our howling 
bellies. Today the sun had already set on us, and we found ourselves
running late for sangla. 


Day 03 – By this time, we already knew what we are going to face. The
ante just got up. The roads 
from sangla to tabo mocked at us. With shooting stones ready to hit our
spirit every 10 kms, we 
tread very cautiously, reducing our speeds to bare minimum. Another
treacherous road , another 
treacherous day. And if all this was not enough,  a landslide hit
us enroute. Having been stranded 
there for 2 hours, which consumed our day time rapidly, we started to
ride again, starving yet again. 
Running out of strength, we started running out of fuel as well, getting
it from locals for as high as 
100 per litre. It was night again, and when we saw the camps, we quickly
ate and hit the bed. 


Day 04 – Beautiful day it was. Today we were going to losar via kaaza.
We visited the magnificent 
Key Monastery and it was breath taking. We hit across Hikkim, the
highest post office of the world 
and the feeling of accomplishment hit us for the first time.  And
from there on whatever we 
witnessed was perched at the highest point. Kaza was the highest fuel
station of the world, Kalpa the 
highest village of Asia. As we are exhilarated with joy, we again were
jostled by a non lethal yet 
dangerous car accident. Thanks to rynox gears, we escaped unhurt. 


Day 05 – It was freezing and it promised to be the coldest, wildest and
toughest day of our ride. In 
order to reach the destination before sunlight, we started very early.
The mercury measured -12  
degrees.  Hands were turning blue and machines started to give up
due to lack of oxygen. Since we 
did not drink much water, the cramps started to creep in making this
journey one of straight from 
hell. But all said and done, beauty has its price. What awaited us was
serene beauty of Chandratal. 


We soaked in that beauty.  However the journey still tested us,
we rode on stones, water, slush, 
dirt, everything but roads. Todays’ test was complete after crossing 32
water streams. It was 
accomplished. Batal Chattru and Gramphu accomplished. 


Day 06 – Today was our leisure day. It was supposed to be. Started
casually around 10 am  from 
Manali , loitered aimlessly and left for nalagarh at around 2 pm. Then
we got lost, a road less 
travelled suddenly caught us unaware and we had no choice but to ride
on. With Dust in the throat 
and offroading patches throughout, our supposedly leisure day was not so
lazy anymore. And just to 
spice up things, a leopard crossed regally on the road and we stood
there stunned, bewitched by the 
beauty and peril which existed together.  In the late hours of
night, we reached Nalagarh


Day 07 – Today was celebration day, for what we had accomplished was a
feat. Our rider buddies  
welcomed us at Murthal and we danced, drunk in the frenzy of happiness
that yes we did it.


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