Solo Bike trip to Hyderabad

Kshitij Mhatre - Solo Bike Rider
Kshitij Mhatre - Solo Bike Rider
Don’t do it! Nahi kar paayega! Tum se na ho paayi! Tu Pagal hai kya? How will you convince your Mom?
I got the above reactions when I told people about my plan. Too many random thoughts in my mind, but I did not start to doubt my plan a bit.
I had an answer: “If I complete this adventure I come back with lots of memories”. Confidence is the term.
Oh Shit! I forgot to tell you about the plan!
Here it goes, 800 kms Solo bike trip to Hyderabad on my Bullet that I plan to cover in a day. Meet two friends in Hyderabad and go for camping inside the Nallamala Forest in SriSailam i.e. 250 kms away from Hyderabad. 5 day plan 2300 kms from Mumbai to Hyderabad to Nallamala Forest and Back.
So, how’s the plan?
Everyone around me suddenly behaved wise by throwing suggestions at me as to do this do that n so on. Nevertheless I listened to sensible advice.Below is the Photo diary of my Trip:

2nd September, 2015 when I decided to hit the road to Hyderabad. Got up at 4 am in the morning, actually I did not sleep properly that night as I was very excited with multiple thoughts in my mind.
5 am in the morning I began my journey with a post on Facebook just in case I went missing people know where I was headed.

My journey was planned from Mumbai – Lonavala – Pune – Solapur – Karnataka Border – Hyderabad.
Google map was beyond helpful that day. Mumbai to Pune was a bumpy ride but the moment I touched the Pune-Solapur highway my Bullet was flying at a speed of 120Kms/hour and more. Beautiful weather and nice roads as I travel. Never felt like stopping anywhere but took small Breakfast, Lunch and stretching breaks. Half way through Solapur the roads became my worst nightmare. NH9 they call it, roads where bad as hell as the Highway was a single road with no divider and the Roads were as bad as Kaccha roads in village.

Sore Butts, broken bones, tired me reached Hyderabad after a 16 hour bike ride. I felt like crying when I saw my friend standing near the Hyderabad central bridge. Hugged him and asked him to click my picture. Updated my Facebook status as there were enough curious friends of mine waiting to here that “I reached safe”. Rested in OYO rooms that night as I was dead tired.

Hyderabadi Biryani was my lunch the next day. That big sized bowl is one serve according to the restaurant, well that bowl is way bigger than my friends head.


Charminar was not on my list but had to travel there as my Stupid friend who joined us from Goa had forgotten his iPhone charger in the Bus that halts there. So I made the most of it by trying hyderabadi delicasy Seekh Kababs and the world best Halim khichda.

Day ended with Dinner together at the famous Shah Gosh restaurant.

Saturday morning we left for the deadly Nallamala forest. Hired a tent, Bought Maggi, Filled our bags with Water, First Aid box, Torch, Knifes, Guns – kidding.
That journey on Bike was one of the most amazing journeys of my life. Snake coiled like roads with lush green trees all around us. Amazing big Dam at Srisilam that generates electricity.

We found our camping site near a Temple. So we cleaned the place and opened our tent.

Collected Wood for fire and were all set to prepare Maggi in the Jungle. We ate, we joked on the Baba in the Temple, and we slept. That night was epic.

Finally left Hyderabad with a friend this time to come back to work. Best Trip till date. And hoping for more to come.

“I believe in travelling Solo but if you have great friends to accompany you, then you are a fool to travel solo.” 


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