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Having proper bike riding gear is very important when you are planning to go for long bike trips or rides as it keeps you safe and protected. But, going to distant places can get a little painful as you might find almost close to nothing to hydrate yourself but it tends to get very difficult to carry water in normal pet bottles as they tend to become a pain to be carried around after a point and the worst part is that after your source of water gets over. You just can stay thirsty now, can you? One can suggest that you can carry a lot of travel water bottles which are easier to carry but what after it gets over?

The water problem while travelling could easily be solved by carrying Lifestraw water bottles which are available online on our website. Lifestraw bottles are actually a water purifier where the purified water can also be stored for later use. One can purify about 1000 litres of contaminated water into safe drinking water without any hassle at all. These bottles use the treatment method which is mostly used in modern day industrial water cleaning plants, free from any kind of chemicals.

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