Ride to the Land of The Nawabs


Well…. one of my dreams came true when i planned for this amazing journey all across south India, On the very first trip from Rourkela to Hyderabad, I experienced a little bit of everything, i saw good roads as well as the worst possible motoring roads although it was a part of the highway! But with god’s grace we never came across any bad situation, the motor ran great and the ride remained astonishingly remarkable.Although taking rests during the day time and rode at night to avoid the scorching sun towards the end after reaching Hyderabad i was thoroughly exhausted. I couldn’t wait for a plate of Hot Biryani and a bottle of Coke, So the very first place i switched off my ignition after entering Hyderabad was “Paradise restaurant” in Secunderabad where i had my hunger for food unleashed with the most amazing Nawabi Dish and then i saw my motorcycle …. Her head was facing me…. As if she was trying to say “I trust you….” that was a moment for me…..

We have parents, siblings, relatives and lovers to show and express love…… but we are “mortals” we all die and fade away in time…. but she “Will not”.
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