Merchandise FAQ


Q1.) What does my Order Status mean?

In Process: This means that the order is being processed at the sellers end.

Cancelled: This means the order has been cancelled due to any of the following reasons:

  • a.) Payment not being received
  • b.) Payment not going through
  • c.) Product is out of stock
  • d.) Consumer details cannot be verified by the seller.

Shipped: This means the item has been dispatched from the seller’s warehouse

Delivered: This means the product has been received by the consumer

Q2.) How can I tell if an item is in stock?

A notification beside the item selected will inform the user whether the item is available with the seller or is currently out of stock.

Q3.) When I selected the item it was available but now it is out of stock.

It is possible that when you placed an order the product is available but due to excess demand, the seller is unable to fulfill the order. In this case, you are notified that the product is out of stock after the seller processes your order.

Q4.) Do you ship internationally?

No. We currently cater only to Indian audiences.

Q5. ) I have not received my order yet. What should I do?

If you haven’t received your order please email us at or call us at 011-49057455

Q6. ) Do you offer special prices for dealers/wholesalers?

Special prices/packages depend on the size of the order. Please contact us at or 011-49057455 for more details.

Q7. ) I wish to purchase bike merchandise that is not available on your website.  Can it be specially ordered?

Do raise a request at or call us at 01149057455. We’ll try our best to fulfill your requirement.

Q8. ) Who are your suppliers?

Our suppliers are generally authorized distributors in the country. For select products we may be the official distributors, in which case the supplier is the parent company.

Q9. ) Where can I find the size charts?

You will find the size chart alongside the product. Our size charts are product specific for example, for jackets and pants.

Q10. ) Do you undertake customization of products?

Yes we do. Please contact us via email at or call us on 011-49057455

Q11.) My helmet does not fit even though I followed your size guide.

Products can be exchanged for a different size. Please contact us at or call us on 011-49057455.

Q12. ) Do you carry model-specific parts?

Yes we do. Kindly refer to product details and find out the bikes they are meant for.

Q13. ) How do I find what model my motorcycle is?

The motorcycle model can be found on the Registration Certificate.

Q14. ) How do I return a product?

Please contact us at or call us on 011-49057455 to know about our Returns Policy.

Q15. ) Do you sell or distribute any of my information (email, phone number, etc)?

No. We have a very strict confidentiality policy. Personal information is collected for official purposes only.

Q16. ) Do you charge Sales Tax for orders shipped to my state?
We only charge VAT as per government regulations.

Q17.) I need assistance with tyre fitment. What would you recommend?

We highly recommend a visit to the nearest Michelin tyre store for their expert services.  Visiting an authorized service station might also be of help.

Q18.) I have an issue with my product, what should I do?

Please contact us at or call us on 011-49057455.

Q19. ) What should I do if the tyres for my vehicle are not available?

Please call at 011-49057455 or email us on with your requirement details. We might be able to make special arrangements for you.

Q20. ) When will you add more products?

We constantly add new products. Check our website regularly so that you don’t miss out on the latest additions!


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