How Long Do Bike Tyres Last?

When it comes to bike tyres, most people just assume that its lifespan must be as same as that of car tyres, so there is a lot of misconception and confusion when it comes to this question “How long do bike tyres last?”

Now, we will be discussing the various factors which will help us determine the lifespan of a bike tyre.

Bike tyres last for an average of about 5000 km in the case of front tires and about 2000-2500 km in the case of rear tires. Always check the durability of the tyre which has been recommended by the manufacturer. You can obviously use the tyres to their maximum utility if they are maintained properly and not used for a “burnout” every once in a while. Always keep a check on the tread of your tyres, especially at the middle portion of the perimeter. This is because it wears out much before the rest of the tyre due to friction from the contact with the road surface. The next important thing to do is to look for any defects, such as dry rot which simply means that the sidewalls of the tyre are cracked. It mainly happens due to constant use or being exposed to tough weather conditions, such as sunlight for an extended period of time. Do not assume or guess the lifespan of your tyres, instead take a closer look at the wear bar which runs across the tread of your tyres whether it is aligned with the tread of your tyre or not. If it is aligned, then you should get new tyres as soon as you can.

There are a lot of other things which will help you to understand that whether or not you should change your tyres. Punctures, loss of pressure in the tyre, under or over inflation of the tires are signs that you should consider getting new tyres. Your safety comes first. Never take a chance when it comes to bike tyres. Be wise. Be safe.


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