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Why should every biker wear safety gear?

We must have one thing in mind while doing anything; that is our safety. And doing an adventure stuff such as biking, wherever it might be, special care must be taken off about personal safety. And to do that essential thing some small things must be kept in mind. Firstly, in order to keep ourselves protected, every one of us must wear the necessary safety gears, and follow all the traffic rules and regulations, which are there to protect no one but us. Then thirdly and most importantly always our beast must be kept in a good working condition. Regular checkups and servicing of the bike is a must to enjoy riding at its best. However in this article we will dig deep into the discussion- why every one of us biker must wear the safety gear.


Firstly a safety gear is nothing but clothing and accessories that gives protection during a ride. The safety gears are essentially in the form of riding helmet, riding jacket, riding boots and so on. We will begin our saga with the riding helmets. From the early onset of human history, man has been riding horses. Later on as we advanced in the trail of civilization, horses began to be used in warfare. And as a protectivemeasure against both falls from horseback and also as a protection from weapon injury, the mounted guys used to wear helmet- starting from copper, then advanced into solid steel. Today’s bike rider is a modern reincarnation of the ancient rider, and apart from the weapon injury aspect, every other chance of injury remains the same while riding such a fast beast. And thus as a measure of protection having a helmet is must- as it undoubtedly protects the most vital organ- our head.

Riding boots

There are a lot of sites out there dealing with the same topic, but all of them fail to highlight the importance of proper riding shoes, which are as much necessary as the helmet. As you can feel there is a complete riding set covering your entire body from head to toe, and everything in between. The riding boots protect your ankle and the entire feet from any sort of accidental injury you can imagine. During a crash the first impact is generally on the knees and ankle apart from the head. As the riding boots comes with protective metal cover, it goes a long way in saving you from those fatal crashes.


Not only biking boots, but you must also invest on knee guards’as well. Although this part is generally left untended by most of the bikers, a knee guard is as important as the helmet that protects your skull. The first impact that you have with the earth after a crash is faced by your knees. And a knee injury is enough to make you immobile for a long period of time. Thus to save yourself from that pain and agony- both physical and mental never forget to wear knee guard while on your ride.

Riding jackets and pants

Not only knee guard, riding jackets and pants are also important to have. The padding that these clothinghave goes a long way in saving you from minute bruises to large injuring during a motorbike crash, especially when the impact might drag you through the road. The skin injury from such as mishap is limited to a large extent by riding jacket and pants.

Riding gloves

Last but not the least, just like the knees, your knuckles are also sensitive yet are overlooked generally. You must wear a riding globes with metallic knuckle cover to save those bone joints during a crash. Trust me it hurts a lot during a fall. All the necessary biking accessories are available at our online store.