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Why should every bike rider wear a jacket?

From the very onset of humancivilization, man has been fascinated by mobility and speed, also by the urge to lead a comfortable life. And in order to realize these words in reality, initiatives were taken to domesticate animals, especially horses. Later on as the wheel of civilization rolled further, and tribes organized further, horses began to be used for warfare. This trend continued for thousands of years, until a hundred years ago. Now, as you can see the tide of using an animal for combat was reversed only very recently. Only when man got an alternative to what animals such as horses provided him, he let go the saddle. Only when he got horsepower in place of horse that is mechanical force replaced that amount of labor, we let loose the bond of millennium. You may wonder why such comparison is necessary in an article about motorbike jacket, actually it is all about the necessary protections that mankind took while riding a horse in the field of battle; that is a cavalier always wore an armor while riding. Similarly is we look at the bike as a continuation of the ancient trait of taming speed, then wearing a protective gear while riding is also a part of that continuation. In this article we will further discuss in detail the cool aspects of wearing a riding jacket.


We have come a long way in the process of evolution, evolved as endurance runners. And to carry forward this evolutionary getup, nature has bestowed upon us a gift- a gift of lightweight frame with toned muscles. Thus to prevent our body from overheating, the outer protective layer, that is our skin, is designed to loose heat by sweat and perspiration. So it is quite obvious, that is we ride at a high speed, say for example at any speed over 50km per hour, then the wind resistance is the natural barrier that we have to fight with. And to win against such a powerful competitor, a protective yet mobile gears of outmost necessity. And a riding jacket fits into its place right at this juncture.


A riding jacket is made of material such as leather, which is technically resistant to wind abrasion. As a biker rides invariety of conditions such as wind, rain, cold or wet, the jacket helps to cope with every natural challenge that a biker face. Moreover, most of the protective jackets are armored enough to save you from the impact of crash, especially tending to spots such as elbow, chest, spine and the shoulders. The materials with which they are made are enough to save you in case of a moderate fall at moderate speed.


Not only safety, motorbike jackets also offer plain signature style while riding. Available in a large variety of materials, colors and styles, it can tune the appearance of the rider.


Biker jacket is also associated with comfort and fashion of the bike also, as per the trend they are quite trendy and cool. In some cases, 

even non-riders are drawn towards them; just for their looks. It is thus a dual edged sword, serving two purposes. Firstly it offers you protection, and secondly it makes your whole getup attractive.

Not only for safety reasons, but the bike jackets are also extremely comfortable to wear. You can hardly imagine how much difficult your ride would be, facing against opponents such as wind, sun, and even bugs. A riding jacket takes care of all such stuffswhich bothers or might bother you. So you can only focus on riding if you wear a riding jacket. You can buy such motorcycle accessories online in India.