When Do I Change My Tyres?

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When Do I Change My Tyres?

Most people take tyres for granted which makes it one of the most neglected parts of our cars. One should constantly keep a check on the condition of the tyres and their performance and should make them go through proper inspection once a year. Given below are a few factors which will help you to understand the right time to change your tyres.

The treads of the tyre are its most important part as it helps the bike to grip the road and also keeps you in balance. In a country like India with its different seasons and climates having tyres with treads is really important. To understand whether the tyre is in working condition with its tread, check the wear bar which runs across the tyre. If it is not aligned then you should get new tyres for your car.

With regular usage of the tyres, they start to wear out and start forming cracks on it. This is called a dry rot, which clearly indicates that it’s time to change your tyres. It is recommended by most manufacturers or experts that tires should be regularly inspected and changed every 5 years. Setting the inflation pressure also helps when it comes to maintaining your tyre. Always keep it uniformly inflated which in turn will let the tyre to wear evenly, allowing you to get the maximum utility and performance. It is also recommended to keep rotating your tyres as they wear off at different rates with respect to their position in the car.

Always remember to get your tyres inspected regularly and most importantly, when you are replacing your tyres, it is highly recommended that you replace the spare tyre as well. Remember, do NOT take your chances when it comes to the tyres as your life depends on it!

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