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UM new offerings Renegade Duty Ace and S Launching Soon In India

UM Motorcycles has launched one of its classic American cruisers in the Indian market. UM Renegade Duty Ace was launched recently at the Auto Expo 2018 where it was also revealed that the price of the bike will be quoted at Rs. 1.10 lakhs (ex-showroom), that too, in Delhi.

The UM Renegade Duty Ace has a very unique design when compared to other bikes of the same kind in the market. The bike has a rugged design which gives it a rustic look just like its variant bike- UM Renegade Duty S. Renegade Ace has a removable rear seat cowl which also happens to be one of its main unique features.

The design of UM Renegade Duty Ace is as similar to its variant bike, Duty S but with a few of its own modifications. The Duty S has got a round headlamp which gives it a classy look and a cowl which makes it look sporty as well. The manufacturers have tried to give the bike a rugged but a retro look. The front tyre is thicker and chunkier which makes the bike look like a beast. The telescopic forks on the bike give it more of its desired rugged look for the UM Renegade Duty Ace.
The Renegade Duty Ace also has a sleek front mudguard with a dual tone colour finishing. Duty Ace also has a sloping fuel tank which is painted with red and white stripes to differentiate it from the Duty S model. The best thing about the model of this bike is that the rear seat cowl can be removed if you please to and it can also be replaced by a pillion for you to sit more comfortably.

The Renegade Duty Ace and S are both cruisers and for that reason, the manufacturers had decided to give it its classic look by adding classic exhaust muffler with chrome cover, alloy wheels and chunky tyres. The chopped mudguard and the LED tail lights give it a classier look but its black colour finishing makes it a more of an aggressive look. The bar-end mirrors give the bike a look which is more appealing to people.

Coming to the engine, Duty Ace has an engine power of 223cc single cylinder, oil cooled, which produces 16bph and 17 Newton metre of torque. The engine has a 5-speed gearbox which is used to transmit the power from the chain drive to the rear wheel.

The model has all the best features available in the market. For example, it has a new digital analogue instrument cluster with a digital display for other information such as the fuel gauge, odometer, gear position indicator and etc. The bike has a unique feature of having LED lights on the front forks which enables the riders to be visible while they are driving at night, in the dark. The bike has a ground clearance of 180mm. There are several other features of the bike such as its 41mm conventional telescopic forks and with back covers consisting of twin hydraulic spring suspension system.

The UM Renegade Duty Ace and Duty S are one of the few good cruisers which are available in the Indian market. It is not that expensive and also happens to be a heavy duty bike with its available colour schemes coupled up with its design, gives it a rugged look and makes it more appealing for the customers who find beauty in simple designs. The seat is a bit short but it should not be a problem.

The bike recently got launched in the Indian market and we hope that it does well in the current market.