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Types of bicycles in India

We are more or less accustomed with the two wheeled eco friendly way of travel- the bicycle. Even a few years back we were only familiar with the broad wheeled old fashioned ones and baby tricycle. However with the onset of globalization new waves of items have flooded the subcontinent, and now we encounter a large variety of bicycles as we move through the cityscape. In this article we will deal with the types of bicycles currently available  in the Indian market. So let's begin this unique trail without further ado. 


City Bicycles 


If you want a bicycle to ride only in the city, then the city bicycle is the perfect pick for you. Coming in a simple geometric frame, these strong yet lean beasts offers raised handlebar for upright sitting position. Moreover they offer special variants for women also. The upright and large saddle makes sure to take care of the comfort quotient. 


Hybrid Bicycles 


Next in the line come the hybrid ones. As the name suggests these guys are made by infusing the best features of two otherwise champs already on the road- namely the mountain bike and the road bike. Actually a hybrid bicycle is made is mixing up the 700c wheels of the road bike with the flat handlebars of a mountain bike. They offer superb performance and comfortable riding experience. That's what the hybrid is for!


Mountain Bicycles 


As the name suggests, these guys are specially oriented for riding through the mountainous tracks. But! But they can also be used in the city lanes and bylanes as well.  They can easily be used both on and off the road, ensuring high level of versatility. Actually this versatility comes just because of the wide tyre base that these bikes have, which in turn ensures superb traction while on the go. Moreover the Upright frame offers superior ground clearance as well. Not only that, just like motorbikes, these bikes also have a variety of gears to use in different situations. They come in two variants, namely with front suspension and dual suspension.


Fat Bicycles


They can easily be regarded as the Harley of the motorless world. Coming with extreme fat tyres which offers a peculiar look loaded with a hell lot of features. Although modeled to ride through sand rock and snow, they do come handy on the potholes as well as the wide tyre base offering more traction and cushioning. They can also be used to carry heavy load. Aft ‘all being oversize is not that bad either.


Road Bicycles


Just as the name suggests, these bikes are meant to be pedalled on cut throat road surface. They offer outright performance and speed and are light in weight.  The low centre of gravity of these bicycles helps the rider to turn at an instant effortlessly. Coming to the handle bar, they yield from the class of drop bar and thus offers  an aero dynamic position to the rider. The wheels are thin and mounted on a 700c wheel frame.


BMX Bicycles 


Ever wondered the mean machine which is used to do all those crazy stunts and 360degree twists and turns? Well the answer is right here. Every bicycle stunt man's favorite- the BMX. These bikes are small in stature due to the small body and wheel frame. To ease the entire process of performing stunts, they are devoid of any gears. Apart from the 360 degree rotational axis, the hanging tubes from the front and back tyres also helps in performing stunts.



Folding bicycles 


We all have seen the marvelous gizmos and gadgets and the wonder cars of James Bond. And the most exquisite of the lot is the convertible cars and other vehicles. Now if I say that you can be the proud owner of such a convertible, a bicycle which can be folded right into your backpack, will you be amazed? If the answer is yes then presenting the Folding bicycle to you. The frame of these bikes are superlight and as mentioned earlier will fit into your bag. So the days of using the boring public transport is finally over!


Touring bicycles


As the name suggests, the touring bikes are made for paved surface, such as roads or strong space. In another word these bikes are epitome of durability and supports  the rider in case of long rider.


Recumbent bikes


These bikes are engineered in such a way that the rider is positioned in a reclined manner, and the weight of the rider is distributed evenly over a larger surface area. As a result no strain is experienced in the back section.



Fixed gear ones


The nomenclature clears most of the topic. Just as the name suggests these bicycles come with fixed gears and are designed to be riden on a velodrome. Not only with fixed gears, these bikes are also devoid of brakes as well, as that does not suits it purpose of inception.


Cross Bikes


Like the hybrid bikes the cross or cyclocross or the CX bikes are formulated to be riden over both paved and unpaved surfaces. They can be easily used in both the city and during cross country excursion. This versatility not only gives value for money, but triggers the inner musafir as well.


Tandem bikes


The tandem bikes are nothing but the bicycles that accommodates two riders. The tandem bikes come in a large number of variant such a hybrid tandem, mountain bike tandem and so on.