Travelling To Bangalore? Here Are 10 Places You Just Can’t-Miss!

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Travelling To Bangalore? Here Are 10 Places You Just Can’t-Miss!

Previously known as the Pensioner's Paradise, Bangalore now has redefined itself as the Silicon Valley of India. The cool and calm climate throughout the year makes it one of the most comfortable places to stay in. Even though the city is unnecessarily expensive, the experiences that it offers are unparalleled. From visiting cafes and restaurants to nearby treks and the rock scene within it, let us look at some of the things that you definitely should not miss out on when you are in Bangalore.

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens cover an area of 96 hectares in total. They were commissioned to be built by Hyder Ali in 1760. It’s famous for having the most diverse species of plants in the world along with trees dating back centuries. Early morning visitors get treated to the beautiful sound of different birds chirping. 

Krishna Rajendra Market

The K.R. Market is also called the City Market. Located right next to Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace on Mysore Road, it’s famed to be the first area in all of Asia to receive electricity back in the day. The location also has a history of being a battlefield during the Anglo-Mysore wars. The complex has one of the biggest flower markets in Asia and is also a treasure trove of dyes, copperware, exotic herbs and spices and fresh produce.

Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace serves as one of the last remnants of royal Indian grandeur. It’s a perfect example of the extent of royalty back in the medieval ages. The present Maharaja from the family of Wodeyars still resides in the palace and visitors are allowed inside to gawk away at the beautiful interiors and galleries containing hunting memorabilia and family photos.

Pecos Classic

This is an amazing cafe to hang out at for all those classic rock lovers. Posters of famous bands and artist such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors and much more adorn the walls of the establishment. The tracks played are classic, and they mix in blues, reggae, and jazz from time to time.


Other attractions


Brewsky is a micro-brewery with a 360-degree view of the city. It has three areas in it; the mezzanine floor, a restaurant, and the fine roof terrace. It’s home to some amazing craft beers viz., stout, wheat beer and their own golden all. In total, they have a collection of 6 home brewed beers to try out.

Indigo Live Music Bar

As the name suggests, it is a live music bar and is one of the liveliest in town. With their acts such as live bands, DJs, and stand-up comedians, they are one of the most well-known places to visit in Bangalore, located on the 5th and 6th Floor of the Elite Building on Jyoti Nivas College Road.

UB City Mall

The UB City Mall serves as the perfect destination for shopaholics. It houses some of the most well-known brands in the fashion industry such as Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Michael Koss and many more.

Biere Club

Located at 20/2 Vittal Mallya Road, the Biere Club is famous for being the first micro-brewery to come up in South India. It offers some amazing home crafted beers and a tex-mex menu.

Monkey Bar

Now a sensation all over the country, the Monkey Bar originally started out in Bangalore. Located at 14/1 Wood Street, it’s a gastro-pub which is famous for being one of the liveliest of places.  The crowd generally tends to be young and jovial. The establishment is designed to have two areas; the bar on the ground floor and the basement party pad with people shooting pool, having a blast dancing and playing football.

Treks near Bangalore

Being a part of the Western Ghats, Bangalore is also considered to be a spot with amazing treks nearby. It provides a collection of mind refreshing destinations such as the Nandi Hills, Skandagiri Hill, Savandurga Hill (considered to be one of the largest monolith hills in India) and many more.
The amalgamation of best of worlds, technology, and nature, Bangalore has turned into one of the most desirable destinations in the country. The most important reason being that is has turned into both the career as well as the party capital of the country with people from all over the place creating a vibrant and lively culture seen nowhere else.

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