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Tork T6X Launching Soon In India

The story of the bike company Tork, which has recently planned to launch its new model Tork T6X in the Indian market, is quite an interesting one. The company was opened with the intention to produce cheap but good quality electric cars but they soon shifted to the designing and manufacture of bikes and in turn, won quite a few international races such as the Isle of Man TT and many others. The company has decided to provide its customers with the best of the biking world at affordable and pocket-friendly prices.

Coming back to the model, the Tork T6X is a very fancy looking bike with its catchy matte paint job. One can even say that it is a work of art. The bike has a Yamaha FZ based frame which makes it look gigantic and ready for action. The bike also consists of a black box which holds either the electronics or the Battery Management System.

One of the major challenges which the bike has to face is to produce the progressive torque and this where the BMS comes in. It helps to tune the electric motor to what is needed. This is required since electric motors are unable to produce progressive torque. Riding this bike is completely a different experience than riding other bikes as one needs to get the hang of using the BMS tuning and then use it smartly.

As this bike has an electric motor, the bike can be pretty quick in its pickup and can be scary for most people who are not used to electrical motorbikes but don’t be mistaken; this bike’s performance is just unmatchable even with just a gentle throttle the bike can reach up to a speed of 80kmph without breaking a sweat.

Tork is still working on the design of the bike so that they can make a few small upgrades and changes before it hits the market later this year. Tork has taken it upon themselves to provide the best technology to its customers and for that sole reason, they have decided to make their own cutting-edge battery technology instead of waiting for it to come out in the market. They are also working on ways to improve the bike by sophisticating the BMS units and well as by designing their own chassis.

Coming back to the electric motor- it puts out 6Kw of power which is almost about 8 horsepowers with 27Nm of torque. The top speed of this bike is said to be around 100 km/hr which it can reach easily without facing any problems and just in a matter of a few milliseconds. The bike weighs about 130 kgs which is just like any other bike falling under the 150-200 cc category. Tork has even said that a single charge can give about 100 kilometres.

Many people are even calling Tork as the Tesla of India. They even have an application for your phone where you can control multiple things when it comes to your bikes such as power management, data analysis and etc.

Tork is known for their cheap prices but good products and this too is comparatively cheaper than most bikes in the market with a price which is quoted at Rs. 1, 36,500. This bike is expected to attract a lot of attention and might also be a step further in making India a pollution free country. Tork is truly making the future in India and we hope them the best for their bike which will be released later in this year. We wish them all the very best and hope that they do well in the Indian bike market.