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Things to know about brake pads

Well, this is quite a tricky question to ask: what do you mean by a brake pad? The answer to this is quite obvious, and also at the same time, it is tricky as well. Going by the books, a brake pad is a substance attached to brakes, which helps to convert the kinetic energy into thermal energy, through friction. This process helps to stop or decrease the speed of the vehicle. Well, this is not a physics class you might think, yet we cannot move forward with the topic without brushing through the basics. So this is the key function of a brake pad. As we all know, there are a large number of the variety of brake pads- some can be fitted into bicycles, some can be fitted into motorbikes. And when we speak about motorbikes, we have different types of disk brakes and drum brakes. In this article, we will try to clear all the general confusions that people have regarding brake pads, and also at the same time, we will try to give a comprehensive idea about the various types of brake pads available in the market. So let’s begin.

The first type of bike brake pad that we are going to talk about is the Non-Asbestos Organic or the NAO one. To begin with, it is the most inexpensive brake pad that you can lay your hands on. However just like any thing cheap, they are not suitable for the long run: literally. As they wear down very quickly, it is obvious that there is practically no value for money. These brake pads are made of organic materials such as rubber, Kevlar and carbon. The first go option for many vehicles, these soft brake pads are not at all durable. However, their inexpensive price tag keeps the game moving.

In another sense, there are several key points that are kept in mind while choosing bike brake pads; such as how long can it resist brake fade, how fast can it recover from natural elements such as moisture and water, and most importantly the amount of smoothness the pad offers.

The materials, with which brake pads are made, are of four types. To begin with we have non-metallic materials such as organic resins. Although priced quite cheap, these pads lack durability and are thus not suited for prolonged use. Their interaction with rotors is smooth, but quite a bit of dust is produced in the process, which in turn shortens its service life.

Next in line come the semi metallic materials such as a combination of synthetic and metal bits. This type of brake pad is much tougher than the non-metallic ones and they naturally resist fade and are much more durable. However, the brake has to be applied with a much stronger force than the non-metallic ones, to make this brake work.

The next type of brake pad that we are going to talk about is the completely metal brake pads. This type is used only in case of racing. They are completely made of metal and lack any added synthetic or organic parts. This is the most durable type of brake pad ever produced. The steel with which they are made is sintered. As they are completely made of steel, a large amount of force is required to stop the moving vehicle. And as they are used during racing, you can very well imagine the amount of sound it produces while coming to a sudden halt.

Last but not least, the ceramic brake pads are a nice creation, standing intermediary between the organic and the metal ones. These brake pads are made of porcelain and clay bound with copper bits to create this braking pad. This hybrid offers durability, resists the fading, and also gives power and confidence to the user. However, the only constraint that undermines this brake pad is its inability to control heat. One would generally think that a material containing copper would handle heat superbly, but here things work quite differently. These braking pads are very quiet and do not need a large amount of power on behalf of the bike rider to stop the moving vehicle. You can buy brake pads online where you will get a large number of products to choose from.

As we are nearing the end of this article, one thing must be clear in our mind- every brake pad has a different function. It is up to the rider to select the perfect blend of braking pads for his bike for the best performance that his machine can offer. Before buying the brake pads, don’t forget to visit the online stores and buy brake pads online, where you will get huge discounts on each and every product.