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Things to keep in mind while buying bike accessories

Those of us who own a bike, upgrading it at a regular interval is kind of hobby for us. However every bit of new modification comes with the urge of altering it further. Now this juncture is a bit tricky one. On one hand lies the indomitable urge to beautify and mold something which is very dear to our heart, something which has almost became a part of our self, a part of sour identity, and on the other hand lies hundred and one aspect of practicality.Every time we buy a new piece of accessory to modify our mean machine, there lies acute risk of hampering the originality of the machine. And if unchecked bits are installed here and there, it takes a serious toll on the overall performance of the bike. So there are certain things- or rather certain points which must be kept in mind while buying bike accessories.


To begin with, all the bike accessories must come with the ISI trademark sign. This is most important in case of a helmet, the most crucial bit of accessory that we must definitely have in our disposal. Not only the protective shield on our head, but the biker’s gloves that will soak all those dirt and moisture, and preventing any slip of acceleration, it should also come with the ISI marking. As they deal with our personal safety, care should be taken while buying them, and safety and quality must be the prime notation instead of a heap or killer deal.

Comfort level

Another point which must be kept in mind is the level of comfort that you have while using any accessory. It is a must- be it a gloves, or the helmet or the riding suit- comfort level is much more important than how you look wearing them, or whether you are getting it at a cheap price.

Always buy stuffs from registered dealer

If you are planning to install some electrical gadgets into your bike, say for example a new LED light set, or a new type of mirror which can play music, then you must get all the stuffs from a registered dealer, and install them by a seasoned mechanic. You can fit all those new gadgets from the store as well- from where you are buying them. Every big Indian city has market which deals in such stuff. The point is to find a genuine dealer and get the job done. In this regard you can consult the internet as well, buying bike accessories online is not at all a bad idea, with lesser chance of being duped.

Take expert opinion before any up-gradation

Before you buy some accessory, or upgrade your bike, please feel free to consult the rider community to get an expert opinion regarding your decision. There are a lot of online websites such as quora, where you will find such communities. They can solve your queries and give one or two precious opinion which will come handy. Moreover you can also consult the service center of your bike before installing any such stuff which might affect your battery or power consumption or the mileage of your beast.

Another word of caution, never install anything into your bike which might cause inconvenience for others- such as an extremely loud air horn, or a LED headset which startles the rider from the opposite side. These things not only hamper the safety of other riders, but puts you in a sorry state as well. We would however recommend you buy bike accessories online in India, especially if you are a novice in the ring, as it minimizes the chances of being duped.