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The Secret Life Of The Michelin Man

The whiter-than-milk Michelin Man is one of the oldest brand logos to have existed. However, the Michelin Man’s journey and transformation is long and interesting. Here are a few things about the Michelin Man you probably didn’t know. 1. The Michelin Man Has More Oscars Than Johnny Depp: In 2010, the famous logo appeared in an Academy Award-winning short titled Logorama. The film featured two Michelin cops chasing down the iconic Ronald McDonald. 2. The Michelin Man Was Inspired By A Pile Of Tyres: It is said that when the Michelin brothers attended the Lyon Universal Exposition of 1894, Edward saw a pile of tyres and visualized arms and legs on it. Four years after this original inspiration, cartoonist O’Galop sketched the original logo for the first time. 3. The White Colour Is Historically Correct: Most people wonder that if tyres are black, how come the Michelin Man is white. Well, before 1912 tyre was manufactured off-whitish or beige, the original color of rubber. It only after 1912 that carbon, which gives tyres the black color, was added to the manufacturing process. 4. The Godfather Of The Road: Marlon Brando and the Michelin Man had a lot in common. Cigars, for one. Early versions of the Michelin man portrayed drinking, smoking, scary looking mummy-like character. He always had a cigar in his mouth, and a glass full of metal bits and harmful obstacles found on the road. After 1920 The Michelin Man quit smoking. 5. His Real Name Is Bibendum: Bibendum is a part of a Latin phrase nun cest Bibendum, meaning ‘drink up’. It implied that Michelin tyres swallow up all the obstacles in their path. 6. The Michelin Man’s Best Friend: The Michelin Man once had a dog. An American television advertisement showed Bibendum with a similar looking poofy white puppy, called Bubbles, or Bibelosis, eventually shortened to Bib.