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The Rider's Campsite in Manali

A Special Place in Himachal’s Heaven

Staying at a campsite in Manali is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that must be on every traveler’s bucket list. Bikers and travelers from all over India flock here for the breath-taking vistas and refreshing weather. These adventure enthusiasts going to Manali don’t look for luxurious hotel rooms anymore, they look for campsites nestled in nature. Where they get to spend some time in a peaceful environment. Some of the most revered campsites in Manali are situated near the Beas River, and Trails of India recently found one such campsite that felt really special.

Located just outside Manali, The Open Road Camp & Café is a heavenly stay for bikers, hikers, and travelers alike. Its culture has been derived from the growing motorcycle and road trip culture emerging in India. Here, travelers looking for an experience rooted deep in the middle of Himachal’s serene mountains find the solace. It’s only a minute’s walk from the Beas River and a really short drive away from Manali’s main market area. Meaning its nestled in nature but isn’t far away from the main town center, which is otherwise overcrowded and busy.

Luxury Swiss tents with attached washrooms and allied amenities ensure comfort. The in-house pop-up cafe serves simple but sumptuous food and ensures satisfied bellies. There is plenty of open spaces and a spacious garden area which is often the preferred spot for guests to enjoy warm bonfires on chilly nights. First-time campers will find it easy to get into the outdoorsy vibe of adventure travel and understand why some people call it a lifestyle.

The background sounds of chirping birds and running water at the campsite make you feel one with nature. Especially the sound of the running water, it’s like music to the ears, music that helps you find peaceful solitude.

But the special part about this camp is its ambiance. As soon as you take your first look at the campsite, you realize it’s a camp made for bikers and outdoor lovers, it’s for people who’re on the lookout for adventure. This culture has been borne by the owners themselves, Bodhisatwa & Samiksha, a couple of passionate bikers who started this camp to answer the call of the wild. The self-proclaimed Urban Gypsy couple ensures guests leave with plenty of happy memories.

This leads to the hospitality being above par. The owners were marketers before they gave in to their adventurous instincts and decided to build new lives rooted in nature and the motorcycle culture after quitting their fancy corporate jobs. Talking to them made us realize the passion for adventure and motorcycles they share with their guests. And that’s why they understand their guest’s needs and fulfill them with promptness and passion.  

We’re sure staying here will create very special memories. The best time to visit Manali would be between April-June and September-November. But travelers who don’t mind chilly temperatures can visit throughout the year for an adventurous and memorable time.

To book your stay at The Open Road Camp, contact Samiksha or Bodhisatwa at 9920297471/9167797471