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The coolest motorcycle boots available in India

After an adventure on two wheels, after you have reached the horizon, across the dusty road, the first thing you have to do is flip open your gloves, unbridle your helmet, and shred off your heavy riding jacket. After duping all your armors, only one friend remains, stuck to your body- you’re riding boots. Riding boots actually have a big role to play- much like the dual edged roman swords, they perform two key roles. Firstly and most importantly they protect you from crashes, and secondly they are quite stylish and comfortable to be worn throughout the day. And just like any cool stuff, a riding boot comes in a large variety to choose from, and in this article we are going to guide you through the entire subject.

The PGS boots

We are beginning our list with the PGS boots which come quite cheap, a remarkable feature in the riding boot segment. They come with reflective piping, and are essentially waterproof and are equipped with sliders. These professional grade road race boots are also quite stylish with red and black designs. If are not willing to spend big, then go for them. After all the cheapest riding boot is better than no riding boot at all.

The Spartan Gear’s Hercules touring boots

Whenever we say anything about heavy duty armor kind of stuff, one name comes into our mind at the very first instance- the SPG from the house of Spartan. Although priced a bit higher than that of the PGS, the Spartan Hercules offers you unprecedented protection and comfort at the same time. By shelling out about 6200 bucks, you are actually buying an insurance policy for your ankles and feet. And this solid protection cannot be measured by money. So, if you can shell 6 thousand, then I would say go for it.

The Spartan Gear Zeus Sport Boot

Another marvel from the house of Spartan, this riding boot is a technological wonder in itself. This all leather boot is perforated at the right places, so that there is adequate flow of air throughout the boot and you feel comfortable in roasting hot weather. It is a single piece boot, encompassing both the heel and the toe. It has additional protection in the form of steel plate riveted into the sole. Priced a bit higher than that of the Hercules, at about 8000 rupees, this boot is comfortable enough to be used for daily chores.  

Puma Flat2

As riding is a sport, we can hardly imagine that Puma will be left behind in the race for the best sport shoes, albeit from the riding field. The Puma Flat2, priced about 8000 rupees is the coolest among the riding boots available in the market. It is actually dubbed as the urban riding boot, a favorite among the youngsters. The boot uses a leather upper coating, and the inside is made of superior quality foam. The shoe is opened and closed using two Elroy straps. The design and the quality of materials that the Company offers is a killer deal if you may ask me. Moreover the boot resembles a regular boot to be used for daily usage.

Alpinestars S-M 1.1 Boots

The next entrant into this cool bike accessory segment is the Alpinestar S-M 1.1 boots. This riding gear comes with a lot of protection such as TPU armor, shanked sole and microfiber based upper part with mesh inserts. It has also got heels like an A-star boot. Moreover the toe box is also protected with an armor.