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SWM Superdual T: Launching soon in India

SWM first started manufacturing bikes in the year 1971 and have grown a lot as a bike manufacturing company since then. There are quite a few funny speculations on what does their name SWM stand for. Some people say that it stands for Speedy Working Motors while some say that it is the shortened abbreviation of the name of the founders of the company. SWM were earlier known for their dirt bikes which were quite popular back in the days in 1984. Since then they have had some ups and downs in their course of doing business and manufacturing bikes but finally, they are back and are back with a bank with their latest model SWM Superdual T.

The bikes are manufactured in Italy at a factory which is in Biandronno, near Varese which also happens to be the hometown of the MV Augusta bike. The factory in which these bikes are being manufactured is actually a Husqvarna factory. Backed by Chinese investments, SWM was revived in the market which led them to purchase the factory and manufacture their own range of bikes.

The SWM Superdual T has a steel frame which hosts a 600cc single cylinder engine which, in short, is a beast. This was basically their older engine which was SWM 650. They started upgrading the engine three years prior to the manufacture of their newest bike. The upgrades include fuel injection and a lot of other new features so that it can not only compete in the current market but also beat most of its competition.

The 600cc engine produces 54PS at about 7500 RPM and 53.5Nm at about 6500 RPM. It is a wet sump engine which makes it complete with its 6 speed gearbox and chain final drive. Now, as we know that SWM used to manufacture dirt bikes, they have tried to keep their old dirt bike look in their new model as well.

The bike is said to have a ground clearance close to 200mm and the seat is said to be at a height of 890mm. It also has an adjustable front and rear suspensions which are 210mm and 270mm respectively. The whole body or the frame of the bike is pretty sleek and lean which makes it look like a superbike but with dirt bike feels.

The best thing about this bike is that it adjusts the height of the seat with your weight so that whoever riding the bike experiences a good ride and is comfortable throughout the ride. This bike is made for both on road and off road riding  and for that the manufacturers have given 17 inch and 19 inch rims and Metzeler Tourance tyres which will make the bike more durable and the perfect partner to ride on any kind of terrain.

The chassis of the bike is one of the few things which is worth mentioning as kit makes it superior than most bikes available in the market. India is a land of potholes where people break their back every now and then thanks to the huge pot holes e everywhere. But worry no more! Hitting potholes is nothing less than a game now and you won’t even feel a thing since the suspension of the bike is on the ball.

The bike SWM Superdual T is supposed to be launched in the Indian market around October of this year and the price of the bike has also been quoted which is about Rs. 4.00 lakhs. This bike, with all its features and sturdy designs will do really well in the Indian market once it has been launched.