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Sleeping Bag You’ve Been Looking For Available Online

A traveller’s best companions are his or her tent and sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are very useful if you are camping somewhere outdoor. They are very easy to carry as they are compact and lightweight. They can be easily carried in bags and rucksacks. Sleeping bags are very important on an outdoor trip as they ensure a warm place for you to rest at night. There are different types of sleeping bags which are available in the market. One can even opt to buy sleeping bags online in India as they are very easily available in most online stores. If you love to travel and love spending time outdoors, then this is the right product for you which you should always keep in your inventory.

There are a few things which one has to keep in mind before purchasing a sleeping bag for him or herself. Firstly, always check the temperature rating of the sleeping bag as this gives you an idea about the minimum temperature at which the bag can keep him or her warm. Next is the shape of the sleeping bag. One should buy the right sleeping bag based on their sleeping position. There are square-shaped, mummy-shaped and even pods, based on the needs of the users. Next, check the insulation type of sleeping bag. One can go for synthetic insulation type as they happen to be pocket-friendly, compared to the Goose-Down insulation and Water-resistant Down insulation.

Here, in this article, we have listed a few sleeping bags which are very popular in India due to their quality.

Motorev Duck Down Feather Ultra Light Sleeping Bag

The Motorev Duck Down Feather Ultra Light Sleeping Bag is ideal for solo travels as it is quite lightweight when compared to other sleeping bags. It consists of a breathable lining of polyester fabric and the outer layer has water-repellent treatment to protect the feather bag from getting moist. The bag is quite big with double head zippers. This sleeping bag can be easily purchased online but is a bit more expensive than other sleeping bags. 

Iris Sleeping Bag

The Iris Sleeping bag is a three season sleeping bag is made out of core spun polyester. The S-shaped design of the quilt makes it more durable. The sleeping bed has other added features such as a drawstring hood and an inner pocket to keep your valuables or important items such as your phone or your wallet. It is lightweight and can easily be rolled and carried around anywhere you’d like to. The bag has a temperature rating of 15. It also has compression straps for reducing the volume occupied by the bag and on top of that, it is available in the military camo multi-colour, which makes the experience of outdoor camping all the more fun! 

RuggedTrails All-Season Waterproof Hooded Sleeping Bag

If you are looking for a comfortable sleep then RuggedTrail All-Season sleeping bag is the right choice for you. This hooded waterproof bag is made of high-quality fabrics which protects you from the outside temperature. The sleeping bag is quite durable and water resistant. The bag consists if double layering which means that the bag is quite well ventilated and are also said to prevent heat loss. As the name says it all, it is an all season sleeping bag with a snuggly hood and a drawstring cord. The only drawback of this product is that the zippers are made of plastic and are not as strong as metal zippers.

Klair Dual Tone Nylon Outer Sleeping Bag

The Klair Dual Tone Nylon sleeping bag is the best bag which is ideal for hiking and camping. The bag is made of nylon material which makes it quite light and thus, is easy to carry around. The sleeping bag comes with a carry bag which makes it a lot more easily to carry. The bag is waterproof and the inner filling consists of hollow cotton. Although there are a couple of bummers when it comes to this product. Firstly, it does not have many accessories provided with it and secondly, it is a bit bulky when compared to other sleeping bags.

There are many other sleeping bags which are available in the market and online as well. But now a day it’s easy to buy sleeping bags online in India. This was a list of a few good sleeping bags which will give you the maximum utility and durability in their lifetime.