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Shubham Dharmsktu- A Unique Travel Story

(Shubham Dharmsktu is an avid traveller, photographer and filmmaker from Uttarakhand. He is going on a solo run of 4000 Km+ from Kashmir to Kanyakumari)


Adventure-seekers have a lot of options these days. Some go river-rafting, some go paragliding & some go for a 4000 km+ solo run from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Yes, some adventure-seekers really do that. One of them is Shubham Dharmsktu – a professional traveller & photographer from Uttarakhand’s Shauka tribe.

Shubham will go on a solo run starting from the mountains of Kashmir, going through several Indian cities, finally coming to a halt in the beaches of Kanyakumari. Such a trip has only been completed by 3 runners before Shubham, and all 3 ran with a support team comprising of 10 people. Shubham, on the other hand, will complete the trip by himself. During his run, Shubham will cover major Indian cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru etc. He will share daily updates along with uploading video footage of the best parts of his epic run.

This is not Shubham’s first expedition on the roads of India. What started as an Uttarakhand Boy’s love for mountain riding, ended up with repeat Himalayan conquests, regardless of what came his way. He has since achieved several unique feats, such as solo-cycling over the Himalayan range and covering a distance of more than 6000 kms. On another trip from Ahmedabad to Kanyakumari, he covered 3200 kms on a bicycle in a matter of 55 days. Shubham Dharmsktu is also a passionate motorcycle enthusiast and regularly hits the road as a long-distance motorist.

Shubham’s travelling stories will entice even the most uninterested among us. He has ridden bulldozers over rivers, he has cycled across an entire state without any money in his pocket, he has cycled downhill on the infamously thrilling Tiger’s Nest. For those who don’t know, Tiger’s nest has a sharp decline of over 900 metres.

In spite of so many thrilling stories, Shubham thirst for adventure isn’t even close to being quenched. His trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is set to become a national record as the longest solo run to take place in India. And Shubham is doing it for a very special cause.

Shubham Dharmsaktu is running to raise awareness for sustainable tourism – a cause recently covered by Trails of India in #TheRoadMatters campaign. This cause is also the reason behind Shubham choosing to run solo instead of a backup team consisting of several vehicles. He will be carrying all his luggage—which will include only reusable and environment-friendly materials—by himself.

Because of our love for adventure stories and a mission to make travel fun for everyone, we’ve decided to help him raise awareness for this shared cause. Trails of India will regularly post updates on Shubham’s great k2k run, getting you—our followers—involved in what will probably be one of the coolest travel stories from India.

We’re also excited to watch Shubham overcome the challenge he has put in front of himself, solo running for more than 4000+ kms is the exact opposite of taking a walk in the park. Trails of India is sure that he will complete the trip and add yet another unique feather to his ever-expanding cap.

We also want to say a few words in appreciation of travellers such as Shubham Dharmsaktu. For it is because of people like him, we fell in love with travel. For it is because of stories such as his, people travel across India. For it is because of expeditions such as this, the world looks at India as a traveller’s favourite destination.

Trails of India wishes Shubham Dharmsaktu the most adventurous of runs. His tale is one trail our entire team looks forward to.

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