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Should you upgrade your bike’s air filter?

Most motor engines are formulated by keeping a tab on the possible intake and exhaust of the machine. So the prime point is, if you plan to replace one, you have to replace the other as well. A change in the engine’s inhaling or exhaling does not affects its overall performance. However, if you reduce restriction of the intake then a positive note is attained in the overall performance.

What does an air filter do in the first place?

The basic job of an air filter is to take air into the air/fuel mixture. But this mixture must maintain a specific ratio, and for that reason you need to ensure the amount of fuel goes inside the engine as well after your replacement. So, putting it plainly and simply, upgrading the air filter will definitely enhance your machine’s performance, but its fuel consumption will increase manifold, and you had to retune your carburetor. This upgrading would result in a much more solid sound from the exhaust.

Essentially an air filter is nothing but an air intake restrictor. So, upgrading it would increase the air supply of the engine. The golden point is, if this additional volume of air is not compensated by adequate amount of fuel, the performance of the engine will take its toll, harming the bike. That’s why a thorough checking is required before installing a new air filter, to make sure whether or not carburetors and fuel injections require new alignment and adjustment.

Composition of air filter

Normally air filters are made of paper. A filter saturated with dust is thrown away after usage. However, K&N filters can be cleaned, and treated with special grease oil and can be reused. This is thus an economical process, if you are planning a long-distance road trip in dusty conditions, you don’t have to worry about arranging and storing spare air filters, you simply re-use your air filter just by treating it with oil.

Pros of upgrading your air-filter

So, in a nutshell, by upgrading your air filter your acceleration increases considerably. And not only the acceleration, but the top speed increases slightly. You get to enjoy a better throttle response if you modify your air filter. And last but not the least, your engine makes a sportier sound.

Downsides of upgrading your air filter

Now like any other thing, upgrading the air filter has certain downsides as well. Let’s have a closer look at them. To begin with by upgrading your air filter, your fuel efficiency decreases. Your engine might get overheated, causing weariness. If the dust particles are able to penetrate through the newly installed filter, it will cause serious engine damage. And the most important point, in most of the cases, such upgrades affect the engine negatively.

Words of advice

If you want to go ahead with the proposed upgradation, then don’t forget to put an extra layer of foam on top of the filter you wish to install. After foaming and moistening with oil, install the filter inside the stock air filter box. A golden advice regarding this issue- never ever directly bolt it to the carburetor. And not for once forget that this modification is kind of a gamble. It might cause excessive wearing and torning of the engine, and costly affair if you wish to repair.

Using a biscuit type air filter is much better option than a conical one. This biscuit modification is not only comparatively safer, it is economical as well, as the biscuit type costs less.

You can easily buy these kinds of bike modification parts online in India, as it reduces the chance of being duped.