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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Launching Soon In India

There are certain types of bikes which automatically command authority once on the road, needless to say, Royal Enfield is the flag bearer of the said genre. This September, the company is launching the ambitious Interceptor 650 in the Indian market. In this article, we will discuss the key features and specifications of the retro-styled beast.


The unique feature or the most distinguishing feature of the entire Enfield family is its engine. Not surprisingly the interceptor 650 packs a punch in the engine segment. As the name suggests it is fitted with powerful 4stroke 650cc powerhouse, which is air-cooled. It is actually the relaunch of the much fabled parallel twin cylinder engine system. The chassis of the beast is made larger to accommodate this powerhouse. The parallel twin motor inclusion makes sure that there will be lesser vibration in the bike while riding through a tricky terrain. And going by the trend of the 21st century, it is meaner cleaner and much more deadly As well. It has got a 270-degree firing order. The torque of the beast is also impressive- a whooping 52 Newton meter, at 5250 rpm. The ignition system of the bike is a digital spark method. Along with all these features, it is also enabled with a slipper clutch and six-speed transmission.


Looks wise the interceptor stands ahead than any other bike in the arena, partly due to its resemblance with the retro style dating a few decades back-up when this world was a different place and hummed a different tune. As always there are a large number of accessories that can be added into the bike enhancing the X-factor. 


The bike is enabled with disc brakes at both the end, and the tyre specifications are marked at 100/90-18 for the front and 100/70-18 for the rear. Both the wheels are made of alloy and are of 18 inches. The tyres are timeless in nature. 

With a dry weight of 202 kg, the bike has got a fuel tank of 12.5 litres. It has got a ground clearance of 174mm. The machine is fitted with a battery of 12 volts and fitted with halogen headlamp. However, the tail lights are LED. 


Coming to point of view of rider's safety, the steel tubular double cradle frame ensures that. It is also beyond mention that as always, Royal Enfield never compromises with customer safety. 


The expected price of the mean machine for the Indian market is expected to be between the figures of 3.5 to 4lakh rupees. The bike is available in 4 colour variant namely the Orange Crush, the Ravishing Red, the silver spectre and the basic chrome.


In conclusion, one thing can be said; the current Indian market Is all about value for money. The interceptor 650 is a great bike – there is no doubt in that. But whether or not it accounts for every buck spends is a thing to see. The previous classic 350 became extremely successful in the Indian diaspora because it gave its buyer a unique feel while riding the beast. It was nothing short of a complete package- having all the modern features such as ABS or the one switch ignition. Along with that, it was thoroughly enjoyable to take a stride in that black saddle. The roads in India are quite an adventure in itself. Yet when one rides through them on such a heavy machine, then it is only because the owner feels proud of riding it. Now it is up to the makers to make sure that the customer never feels disappointed for every buck that he has invested.