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Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Launching Soon In India

Perhaps the most distinguished achievement of the Royal Enfield family is the sheer amount of publicity that it gets. There are bikes which are known only in the riding circuit, and there are bikes which are known by the entire cross section of the society. The British company has managed to attain that feat. Going by its nickname- the bullet, Royal Enfield is there in the Indian market to stay, and on the eve of the launch of one of its most ambitious creation- the continental G.T 650, it is almost like the inception of a new age. In this article, we will bring you all the necessary features and information that you need to know regarding this giant of a motorbike.


This new to be launched beast is actually a reincarnation of the earlier GT 535, which in turn was modelled around the continental GT 250, the old boy which was the very original cafe racer, albeit pure British in style and taste. The Continental GT 650 is thus a cafe racer from the retro age, yet smoother, leaner, meaner and much more efficient. The most unique feature regarding its look is the horizontal split design, retaining the aura of the very first cafe racer. The instrument cluster of the bike is modelled in such a way that it goes all the way to give the authentic cafe racer experience. 


The launch of the Continental GT and its twin the interceptor 650, is a historic event in itself. As for the very first time, Royal Enfield is going to launch a parallel twin engine powered machine. Thus it is certain that the most compatible feature of the bike is its engine. As the name suggests the bike uses the 650cc engine with parallel twin motors. The engine is 4 stroke and air cooled. The parallel twin cylinder engine which is fitted into the bike is actually the relaunch of the variant, which was prevalent a few decades earlier- the time we call the retro age. Actually, the look of the bike is retro inspired. The engine torque is of impressive 52 Newton-meter at 4000rpm. The bike has got 6 gear, and to maximize the security and safety of the rider on that black saddle, it has also got a slip-assist clutch. The parallel twin motor ensures that the rider feels much lesser vibration even while riding through extreme bumpy road conditions. The engine comes with a 270-degree firing order which in turn adds to the overall smoothness of the machine. With the automatic braking system or the ABS, it is easier to have a solid grip over the road. 


The dual cradle and strong steel tubular frame not only gives strength and stability to the entire setup, it also infuses confidence in the rider. It has got 41mm telescopic suspension in the front, much to the delight of the riders. The twin coil-over shock absorbers at the rear end take care of the back. The dry weight of the beast is around 198 kg.


Coming into the domain of braking, the front wheel which is of 18inch is fitted with 320 mm disc brake, and the rear wheel, which is also 18inch in diameter is fitted with 240mm disc brake. Both the front and the rear tyre are timeless in nature. 

The fuel capacity of the bike is 12.5 litres. 


The bike comes in four basic colours, namely the Ice Queen, Sea Nymph, Black Magic and Chrome. Priced quite aggressively, it is expected to hit the Indian markets at about 3.5 to 4lakhs of rupees this coming October.