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Riding Towards a Sustainable Future- The Road Matters

Travelling is fun, traveling responsibly is fun for everyone. This World Tourism Day, Trails of India aims to become a voice for change. A voice that talks about making travel sustainable.

There are several things that matter to a traveler. Some travel for the journey, some for the camaraderie and some for the experience. But there is one thing that matters more than anything else. That thing is The Road. For wherever a traveler goes, The Road Matters.

Theme Video- The Road Matters

We often forget this; our responsibility towards maintaining that road and making sure travel is fun for everyone. But we can change this fact. By following certain cultural, economical & environment-friendly activities, we can ensure the sustainability of our travels. Let’s look at it point-by-point.

Culture Sustainability

Tourist spots are cultural havens, with every destination blooming with its own unique set of philosophies and principles. And the time has come to understand these cultures and respect them. Here are some ways to do that –

  1. Following the Dress Code

The faith of believers is incomplete without tradition. And we shouldn’t come in the way. Whenever we visit a place of worship, we should wear the appropriate dress code before heading in.

  1. Respecting Boundaries set by Locals

Hurting the sentiments of locals gives a bad rep to all travelers. Take Malana for example, where locals don’t appreciate tourists coming near their houses. And we should respect their wish for privacy.


  1. Letting Fellow Travellers Hike in Peace

Most travelers like to find peace, and not listen to somebody's personal playlists. We should understand their search for peace and turn down our volumes, especially on treks.

Economic Sustainability

The local economy is the lifeline of a tourist spot. A high-functioning economy ensures good travel experiences. From here onwards, let’s boost this lifeline. Here are some ways to do that -

  1. Eating at Locally-owned Restaurants

Boost the grassroots travel economy by eating at locally-owned restaurants. You get to try the local cuisine in its true form and support a business that hires employees and buys raw material from nearby communities.


  1. Shopping from Lesser-known Bazaars

Help protect small trade businesses by shopping from lesser-known Bazaars and Artisans. You’ll probably end up taking home that one-of-a-kind souvenir you’ll keep and cherish forever.


  1. Staying at Independently-owned Hotels

Get a rooted experience of the places you visit, stay at a hotel owned and run by locals. Not only will you make lifelong friends and find makeshift local guides, but you’ll also learn from their culture and they will learn from yours.


Environmental Sustainability

Take care of the environment and the environment will take care of you. We can’t neglect this reality anymore. Instead, it’s time to protect God’s Beautiful Green Earth. Some examples –

  1. Do Not Litter at Tourist Spots

The Earth isn’t a garbage bin, we should avoid throwing away our snacks, water bottles etc at or near tourist spots. And ensure that none of our friends or family litter as well.

  1. Avoid Buying Bottled Water

Did you know that plastic water bottles are completely non-biodegradable? This means they do not go away by themselves, they get buried in the upper crust of the earth and harm it at levels we can’t even imagine. So, do not let plastic choke the beauty of travel destinations, avoid buying bottled water and carry a reusable bottle instead.

  1. No Smoking Near Tourist Spots

We understand that quitting smoking is tough, but quitting smoking for a few hours is not. A recent report found that 32% of the total litter found at recreational areas is just cigarette buds. So the next time you or your smoker buddy want to light one up near a tourist spot, try to remember this fact and resist the urge. For a few hours at least.


By keeping these tips in our travel check-list, and ensuring to always stay updated on everything related to travel, we can ensure sustainable tourism. We can also ensure that travelling remains fun not just for us, but for everyone. And we can ensure that to make The Road Matter more than anything else.

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