Rakshabandhan Gifting Ideas for the Sister who Loves to Travel

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Rakshabandhan Gifting Ideas for the Sister who Loves to Travel

Brother of India, it’s that time of year again. And you still haven’t bought the ‘gift’, right? Well if your sister’s a traveler, you can gift her any of the wonderful things listed below.

Sisters, if you’re reading this, share this list with your loving brothers so they have an idea of what you want this Rakshabandhan.


Regardless of where your sister goes, a backpack goes with her. It will hold all of her stuff, from necessary trekking equipment to her favorite pair or pairs of shoes. Also, a high-quality backpack will never give up on her, it will support her until the very end of every journey. In fact, think of it as the perfect substitute for you.


What’s the point of traveling if you’re not capturing every moment in the highest resolution and posting it all over Instagram? Nothing! So, get her a top-of-the-line camera. And she will finally be able to start sharing her beautiful travel stories with the world. Trust us, there is no traveler in the world who wouldn’t jump at the prospect of being gifted a DSLR.


Just like you and your sister, traveling and reading go hand-in-hand. Therefore, think of gifting her an e-reader like Kindle with 4-5 books pre-installed. That way, she won’t have to carry heavy, easily damageable books whenever she goes for a trip. And every time she is reading that beautifully light-weight e-reader of hers, she will be fondly reminded of her loving brother (i.e. you).

Travel Accessory Hamper

Okay, this one will require a little effort from your side. But remember, gifts which require effort to put together are the best ones. Basically, put together a package of necessary travel accessories such as a power bank, eye mask, earplugs, sunglasses, inflatable neck pillow, safety locks, first aid kit, tripod/selfie stick etc. Wrap it all up and gift it to her to make sure she has all bases covered for her next trip.

Polaroid Camera

Yes, we know we’ve already suggested a camera. However, a polaroid is used for completely different purposes. It clicks and prints instant photos. Although it won’t let her post travel stories on Instagram, it will help her store them in a scrapbook or maybe attach them to the walls in her room. You can even include a neat-little scrapbook or travel journal to gift her the complete memory-storing package.

Two-way Ticket

You must be thinking that’s such an obvious gift for a traveler. But the most obvious gifts are the best ones. Don’t believe us? Show your sister this list and ask her to choose what she wants most. 9 out of 10 sisters will say they want this, a ticket to their favorite part of the world. What could any traveler want more? We have some good suggestions for you: 6- Trips For The Free-Spirited Sister

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