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Raksha bandhan Gifting Ideas - 6 Trips for the Free-spirited Sister

Gifting expensive clutches, shoes or iPhones for Rakshabandhan is a thing of past. The free-spirited sisters of today crave for adventure, for their lives to be filled with a variety of thrilling stories. Every moment of their lives, they want to simply be themselves.

This Rakshabandhan, the open-minded brothers of India should gift them adventures instead of the usual mess. It will seem like a fitting gift in return for all the love your sister showers upon you.

“You have a point, Mr. Blog Writer. But where do I send her? Will she like it there? Is it safe?” Your valid doubts have valid answers. Mr. Writer has done some research and compiled a list of 3 International and 3 Indian trips where your sister will be safe, have fun and feel free of societal rules.

International Trips


Travelers across the world are still trying to figure out why did they name it ‘Hawaii’ and not ‘Tropical Paradise’. The islands are filled with activities such as surfing, exploration, beach parties etc. Basically, Hawaii is perfect for the extroverted sister who likes exploring different cultures and meeting new people



Guatemala is the destination for the Indiana Jonesque sister. The one who likes exploring archaeological sites and discovering lost treasures of civilization. She will spend her days hunting for history and nights dancing in awesome cruise ships.


Ever seen Game of Thrones or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? If not, see them and you’ll book the tickets right away. Most of Iceland still remains untouched by urbanization, meaning it’s just pure nature. The welcoming culture of Iceland will put your sister in complete peace-of-mind and make her fall in love with God’s green Earth.

Indian Trips


Pondicherry—or Puducherry—is famous for one thing that is hard to find in the urban world, complete serenity. Called ‘The Europe of India’ by some, the mix of French and Tamil architecture is sure to leave your sister astounded. It is really easy to reach and is sure to make for memorable pictures.


This one is a personal favorite of Mr. Blog Writer. Kaziranga National Park, in Assam, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a sanctuary for one-horned rhinos. The park also houses Asian Elephants, Asiatic Water Buffalos and Bengal Tigers. A brilliant gift for sisters who love animals and animal-safaris.


Has there ever been an Indian Travel Destination blog that hasn’t included Ladakh? If there is, the writers should be sued! Ladakh is pretty much the Indian embodiment of wanderlust. The peaceful valleys, the welcoming culture, and the adventure-filled campsites make it one hell of a journey to gift to your sister.

Put yourself in Rakshabandhan mode and buy the tickets for any of these destinations. But beware, your darling sister might not want to come back.