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MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Launching soon in India

Although we Indians are not alien to bikes, the concept of sports tourer is quite new to the subcontinent. However the current economic boom has ensured that if the right product can be launched, and even if it is priced rather aggressively, yet the Indian market offers ample buyer for it. However one thing is very unique for the subcontinent- value for money. We Indians actually take pride in this desi peculiarity. We will spend, rather lavishly, only if the product is worth it. So with the Italian company declaring their intent of launching the sports tourer anytime in 2019, in this article we will try to decipher whether or not the steep price tag of 21lakh is really worth for this giant of a machine. So let's start.


The basic feature, rather the main feature that any motor review article must focus heavily is the engine: the heart of the machine. We will thus directly dig into the topic. Just as the name suggests the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce is empowered with a 800cc engine, or to be precise an immensely powerful engine of 798cc. As the MV AGUSTA Turismo Veloce is the flagship project of the company, it is quite likely that this venture into the sports tourer segment is going to be power packed. The engine and the overall design is such that it enables perfect weight distribution. The 798cc engine is of three cylinders, which gives that signature low range grunt.  The torque of the machine has been further polished to stand currently at 2100rpm; experts say the upsurge is of about 20 percent! The engine is twelve valve, liquid cooled and DOHC engine. The peak power is of about 125bhp at an impressive 12000 rpm. Next in line is the eight stage traction control mechanism, which accounts for better and stable cornering. In fact this feat is attainable because of the newly introduced lean angle sensor. It is reportedly that the top speed of this model is 230 kmph. The bike is provided with a robust skid plate to protect the engine in case of a crash or a scratch. The six speed gearbox added to the bike ensures that riding is safer than never before. 


The fuel holding capacity of this beast is about 22litres. And the fuel tank is positioned in such a way that it accounts for more knee room for the rider. Moreover the comfort of the pillion rider is also taken into account. Two glove boxes are introduced just behind the windscreen, to store the necessities, and the hand guards are provided with the integrated turn indicators. The headlight of the bike is completely LED. 


Both the front and rear  wheels are 17inch in diameter, aided with 320mm discs to offer extremely efficient grip on the road. The front wheel has got twin disc and rear is bolstered with a single 320mm. The tyres belong to the Pirelli Scorpion trail tyres. The bike is provided with an all digital instrument cluster. The ABS is dual channeled in nature.


The seating design is such that it offers comfort while riding this masculine beast. The sleek rear lamp is also LED in nature. Moreover the bike is also provided with a triple barrel exhaust. 


In conclusion one thing can be said that although it is priced aggressively, rather quite aggressively, every rupees spent on this beast is worth it. So if you want to have your hands on those out of the world Accelerator, then you have to wait for a few more months, until 2019 comes.