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MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR Launching Soon In India

MV Augusta Dragster 800 RR in short, is a bike riding which is just electrifying. It is a pleasure to ride this bike with all the latest technical improvements in the electronics and in the engine with reduced exhaust and noise emissions but provides a power output of about 140 horsepowers. The manufacturers state that the new model of MV Augusta has a lot of new features with an eye-catching design.

The bike is designed and styled with great details. It has a new headlight and a muscular fuel tank which makes the bike look like a beast, coupled with the revised bikini fairing designing which makes it look more attractive. Unlike the previous models, the taillight has a single unit in place of twin LEDs. One of the new features in this bike is that of the new ‘semi handlebars’ which can be adjusted by the rider according to his or her preference of the length.

 In recent years, we have seen a rise in the demand for bikes with a more of a retro design or touch to it and for this reason, MV has kept the original aluminium lever protectors and have also customized the Kineo spoked wheels which are mounted with Pirelli rubber. As said earlier, this bike looks like a beast with its muscular aluminium tank.

Another important feature of this bike is its good interface between the rider and the bike. The digital LCD panel and dashboard indicators with the MVICS system (Motor and Vehicle Integrated Control System) provide the rider with full control of the bike. New LED headlights have been set up on this model with a black colour makeover on the brushed aluminium housing. The wheels are pearl ice white and dark metallic in colour which complements the black colour of the body.

Now, coming back to the engine- it is a three-cylinder engine which is compact, lightweight and insanely powerful producing about 140 horsepowers and 65lb/ft of torque although it has been seen that the top speed of this bike is now 1mph lesser than its older model. This is, without any questions, the most powerful bike in the MV three-cylinder ranges.

The engine can optimize the balance shaft and gearings with the help of the new intake can profiles and titanium valves. The bike is said to have a much better and relaxed clutch action thanks to the new EAS 2.0 electronic shifter. The bike has a better engine protective cover which can also be used to reduce the mechanical noise which is produced while riding it. The seat is stitched in a honeycomb pattern which has been designed to provide the rider with the utmost comfort while riding.

 The bike will be launched in India around September 2018 with pretty high expectations as this bike has created a lot of talk amongst professional riders and bike enthusiasts all over the country. Although it is expected that this bike will face some competition from other companies and their bikes but the bike is expected to do pretty well by the end of the first few months after it has been launched in the market. Another small problem is that the bike will only attract a certain number of customers as the price of the bike is expected to be around Rs. 12.70 lakhs but the quality product which they will be providing us in exchange for the cash, will be worth every paisa you spend behind it!

We can only wait for the bike to be launched in September of this year and also with them that this new model gets successful in the growing Indian market.