10 Must have Bike Accessories You should Buy Now

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10 Must have Bike Accessories You should Buy Now

Buying a bike is a huge responsibility because, with the bike, comes a lot more accessories which you need to have a safe and a smooth ride on your new bike. The right accessories will elevate your riding experience but one has to also keep in mind the budget before hitting the store. Be smart and do your research on the accessories you are planning to purchase. You can either choose to buy the bike accessories online or from a store. Compare it and then buy it. Here are 10 bike accessories which one should buy now.

  1. Riding Gear

The first and the foremost thing one should buy after purchasing a bike is the riding gear, which merely includes a helmet, a jacket, gloves, pants, and boots. You can add more to this list if you wish to but the given list is the very basic riding gear.

  1. Tools

When you are on long rides or just taking your bike to work, a set of tools to fix your bike when required saves you a lot of money and helps you to get to know your bike through learning this new skill of being the mechanic of your own bike.

  1. Luggage

Having luggage compartments for your bike enables you to carry your things for a trip or even extra fuel when required. You can have saddlebags, tank bag, and a tail bag in total on your bike.

  1. Heated Clothing

If you are planning to go for a trip in colder climates or if you live there, this bike accessory is the ideal one for you to keep you warm during your ride.

  1. LED Lights

Attaching LED lights on your bike make them look beautiful in the dark but also allow them protection as it makes the riders more visible to other drivers/riders.

  1. Crash Protection

Using crash protection on your bikes, such as bar ends, swingarm spools, frame sliders and fork sliders will minimize the damage caused on one’s bike.

  1. Covers

Using covers will protect your bike from the rains, dust and unnecessary attention as not everyone is fortunate enough to own a garage/parking.

  1. Security Systems

One can now protect their bikes by using security systems which come with various features such as electronic alarms, GPS tracking, and et cetera.

  1.  Reflectors

One can always use reflectors on their riding gear or on the body of the bike to protect them at night by making them more visible to other drivers.

  1.  Charger

Now, one can even get a charger which can be attached to the bike to charge one’s iPod, phone etc while they are riding.

Always remember to be safe and ride safe!

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