Monsoon Drives – The Careful & The Safe!

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Monsoon Drives – The Careful & The Safe!

Who doesn’t love to go out for a long drive in the rain? Feel the cool breeze ruffle your hair while you drive to a roadside tea-stall for a hot cup of tea. The water drops sliding down the glass windows. The grey sky and every colour coming wonderfully alive. Aah! The magic of monsoon drives!

To make sure that nothing comes between you and these amazing experiences, always take care of some simple things. This will help your already memorable drive become even more smooth. Here are a few car care tips for those long drives in the monsoons:

Wiper Check:

The daily wear and tear of the wipers can be the cause of concern. This everyday grind might be the reason of the wiper’s inefficiency. Check their effectiveness regularly, and especially during the monsoons. A reliable pair of wipers is the first pre-requisite in the raining season. It’s not just advisable but frankly essential for a comfortable monsoon drive.

Lights ON:

Compromised vision can be extremely dangerous. Low beam driving is highly advisable to improve visibility and save your car from bumping into things. Strictly avoid high beam driving. If low beam driving doesn’t give you a clear vision, parking your car on the side of the road with the hazard lights on is the best course of action. Wait for the rain to subside a little, and then continue.

Beware of the Puddles: The puddles of still water on the road could run much deeper than you might imagine. They can be the cause of not just uncomfortable bumps but serious accidents as well. Precaution is a trustworthy friend.

Spare Tyre:

Those puddles and water filled roads can do some serious damage to your car tyres. Make sure you do a check before heading to your destination. The advisable thing is to always carry a spare tyre for you never know when you might need one. Get the perfect tyres for your SUV from Michelin here.

Lane Driving:

The rear view mirrors still don’t come with their own wipers. Stick to your lane and stay patient for a safer drive.

Car Control:

The rains make the road quite slippery. Any sudden changes in control can lead to loss of friction between the tyres and the road. This can cause major accidents. Try handling the car controls in a manner that does not lead to any last minute anxieties about unanticipated puddles and craters. They are significantly harder to spot during the rains.

Safe Distance:

The brakes never work too well during the rains and also the roads are slippery. To avoid getting trapped in a scuffle on the road or in any unforeseen accidents, you need to ensure that you do maintain a safe braking distance at all times.

Long drives in rains are fun. Just make sure that you are prepared and a bit careful and the good times will keep rolling on.

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