KAZA – A Story Untold!

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KAZA – A Story Untold!

When a biker thinks of a trip, they look forward not to the destination, but the road that leads them to the place. Journey in itself is what makes people passionate about driving, and the route to Kaza from Delhi is no less thrilling and adventurous than you can think of it to be.

Ever seen a movie with a scene where friends go out on trip, rent a car and roam around on those empty never-ending roads with mountains and other beautiful scenic images coming to life? This one simple question made you imagine that route. Isn’t it? If yes, take our word! Kaza is your route to be.

This hilly and one of its yet untouched naturally beautiful remote village, located in Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh is a kind of its own must-visit place for all those who have a craving desire to go on an adventure with the love of their life – bikes!

This small yet undeniably beautiful land surrounded by hills throughout the sides is something good enough to make you stay mesmerized for years to come by.

Facts that make it a must-
• The temperature here goes down till -45C, marking the highest of its temperature as 10 C in summers. (Why are we here anyway? Let’s get moving already.)
• The ‘average’ snowfall is more than 2 meters all throughout the year. (You can even make a snowman in March!)
• It is closed for more than half of the year. For now, we must say, beauty is to see not to touch. You can’t get to touch the beauty of this place for 9 months of the year, “depending upon the snowfall’ and not suitable for humans (like dealing with +45C is easy!).
• Worry not! There’s a way out for everything, and there’s one way to reach Kaza all throughout the year, despite the cold walls it has built around itself. Let’s get the guards down.
• Do you know that in Spiti valley, only Kaza has its own gas station? (Around the world with no petrol? Better be prepared and not let that happen to you.!)
• For all sorts of medical facilities, you’ll have to be dependent on the civil hospital located at district headquarter, Keylong.

How to get to this beauty?
• If you are traveling any time of the year, take the route through Shimla. The route is 445 km long.
• This route will cover Kufri, Narkanda, Kingal marking the first stop as Rampur after a drive of 128 km.
• From Rampur, next stop will be Karcham at 107km distance.
• After getting back on your way from Karcham, your next destination will be 140 km away, Nako.
• Your next and Final destination is Kaza from Nako, marking its distance at 134km.

• Another route that takes you nearer to this beauty is through Manali.
• This route covers places like Rohtang Pass, Chandrataal, Kunzum Pass.

Keeping things handy!
• I bet you don’t want to drag your bike through those beautiful roads. Keep your tanks full and an extra petrol bottle if possible, for times of need.
• Travelling needs to be done in a certain way, and it comes with its own ups and downs (metaphorical and literal). It’s better to stay prepared for them, at least the most predictable one like sudden downpours.
• Don’t forget to keep medicines handy, like anti-oxidants and other immediate medicines, for different issues that might come along with travelling to hilly areas, as high as 3800 meters. (keep your bikes medication ready too! – say engine oil or tire pumping machine and tool-kit)
• For driving through those roads is fun yet tricky, stay prepared for the unexpected. What is fun if there’s no little adventure?

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