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Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen Launching Soon In India

One of the biggest bike manufacturing tycoons in India, Baja Auto has decided to bring in the Husqvarna motorcycles to India and are supposed to release it in the market around 2019-20, as stated in their previous general meeting. Bajaj will launch this bike brand in India by introducing its newest models, whichares the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 and Husqvarna Svartpilen. Sources say that the bikes are to be manufactured at the Bajaj Auto plant in Chakan which will be exclusively produced to be sold exclusively in India.

Al though there were a few problems when the talks of launching this bike was going on. This bike was supposed to happen later this year or at the beginning of the next year. The plan has been delayed but it should not take more than a year with the problems which the Baja Auto is facing at the moment. Husqvarna or Huskies, as they are commonly referred to are powered by the 373.2 cc liquid cooled cylinder engine which will also be manufactured in Chakan. The engines are pretty powerful when compared to other bikes; it puts out about 43.5PS of power and 37Nm of torque. The engines also have a 6-speed gearbox with slipper clutch. The front brakes on the bike are sourced from Brembo while the suspension and its components are sourced from WP. Most bike manufacturers are designing bikes which give more of a retro feel as this style is coming back in the scene after a good gap of about more than 2 decades. The designs and the colour scheme is made keeping the retro theme in mind as it is more appealing to most bikers of this generation whether he or she is a professional biker or a bike enthusiast.

The design, as said by most people, is both futuristic and gives a retro feel at the same time which is the signature of Huskies. The bikes have heavy duty alloy wheels which can be used in almost any terrain without much difficulty coupled with impressive and lost lasting tyres which will be worth every penny. The bike is also said to have a fully digital and a user friendly instrument console in a circular housing.

Here is a list of the features of these bikes which makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd-

1. They have USD front forks.

2. They have a very powerful engine when compared to the other bikes in the market.

3. The bikes have a digital retro console which makes it look more attractive.

4. The bikes also have fuel injection

Coming to the dimensions and weight- The bikes have a ground clearance of 140mm and the seat is at a height of 830mm. The fuel tank has a capacity of about 12 litres.

The bikes will do well in all probability once it has been introduced in the Indian market. The price is a bit more than other bikes but it is worth every rupee you spend. The price of Vitpilen is quoted at Rs. 2.50 lakhs while the piece of Svartpilen is yet to be announced. We wish them all the very best and hope that their bikes performs well in the market the way they performs on the road.