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How to dress for mountain biking

Any adventure sports or expedition demands for certain special preparations- both mentally, physically and in terms of logistics and dress. The same concept is applicable to mountain biking as well. Mountain biking is both fun and physically exhaustible, and thus it is of utmost importance that special dress, an accessory is to be equipped before going for a trip into the hills. In this article, we will try to discuss the necessary clothing that you would need while riding in the mountains. So let’s start without further ado!

It is kind of an advice- try to equip your backpack with bike specific clothes. The reason for this suggestion is quite simple. Bike-specific clothing is made of durable yet breathable materials which helps a lot during riding. The organic materials ensure that the perspiration that you will collect is easily and effectively whisked off so that you stay warm and comfortable. So don’t forget to invest in bike specific riding jersey and shorts or trousers. Moreover, they are extremely lightweight, so having a spare set of them in your backpack is also not an issue. The bike specific clothes are designed keeping in mind your forward-leaning posture while riding; thus you get an added amount of comfort while wearing these jerseys.

Next in the line is riding a specific lightweight wind jacket that should be in your kitty. Not only the roads, but the climate of the hills is also treacherous. You just don’t know when the bright sky will give away to a big black cluster of the torrential cloud. So having a wind and waterproof jacket can be a lifesaver in such situations. Actually, there is absolutely no problem in carrying these jackets as they are very lightweight and take very little of baggage space.

Not only the jersey and jacket, but you should also invest in thermal wears that are specially crafted for mountain biking. As we have already mentioned, the climate in the mountains changes suddenly. A sudden burst of rain or a sudden dip in temperature is a very common feature. So to save your day in such a chilly weather condition, a thermal inner can go a long way. And the special thermals, designed for riding are not only warm and cosy, but they soak up the perspiration pretty fast as well, and you not only feel light but comfortable as well.

The next piece of fabric that you must have on your body is a pair of riding gloves. Coming in a lot of variety, the globes can save your day at a given point of time. Not only do they ensure that you maintain a solid grip over your handlebar, but it protects your knuckles from the first impact during a nasty crash. As the knees and knuckles make the first contact with the ground, it is extremely important to have a protection mechanism for them. Moreover, the gloves keep your hand warm after the sunlight has vanished.

Just like the riding gloves, protective pads such as knee and elbow pads are also important during a mountain ride. Now here comes the twist. The materials, with which these protective pads are made, are of two types- namely polymer and organic fibre. However, the polymer pads lack durability and are prone to wear down easier than the organic ones. Moreover, the organic protective pads are breathable and lightweight. Thus they are comfortable to wear and easy to carry- a feature which comes handy during a trek. Along with that, they don’t go heavy on your wallet. So our suggestion is to stay safe and go organic.

Just like in any other sports, mountain biking also requires special kind of shoes to fit into the scenario. And the shoes vary to a large extent, depending on the terrain through which you are planning to move forward. Now the type of shoes vary just because of one single reason- the type of pedal that you use for your mountain bike changes from terrain to terrain, and to cope up with that it is recommended that your shoe type must also change, to negate any kind of complexity that might creep on such as ankle pain, stiff muscle and so on. Say for example if you are planning for a cross-country tour, then the clipless shoes are your best bet, as they hold on to the pedal and gives a firm grip over the terrain. But if you are a beginner in the trade, then a flat shoe can be your choice, as it offers liberty to free your foot from the paddle. Moreover, if you want you can also wear an overshoe, for extra warmth and comfort.

As for the socks, go for the ones, which reach above your ankle, and are of breathable material.

You can actually buy all the mountain bike clothing online.