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How did We Travel before Internet?

Travelling before the advent of the internet used to be only for the people who loved adventures. Nowadays, it has become so easy with all the information available only at a click of a button on various search engines on the internet. One had to literally research before they could travel or talk to people about it who have been there. Basically, things were not as smooth as it is today.

Travelling would include a lot of paperwork back then. If you lost a single document, you would have to pay the fine to get it reissued and over that, it would take one a lot of time to get all the necessary paperwork and documents ready. But, many people either could not afford it or did not have the time. This gave rise to the demand of people who could do this in behalf of the people who were busy with their money in exchange for a small sum of money and thus, this gave rise to travel agents.

Just imagine- you cannot book your flight tickets online but instead, you had to visit the offices or counters of every airline service to know the price of the tickets so that you can compare and choose the most convenient one for you. Plus, there was always the risk of not getting hotels or lodging for stay since you could not book it online unlike in today’s time. One could only book rooms for themselves once they reach that place.

All the things about travelling were so different back then as well. One would have to be fit in order to carry the luggage all by themselves by lifting it up because back then very few people had bags with wheels but, the best thing was- you could take anything with you on your flights- from liquids to even lighters.

But how someone would choose a destination where they could travel to even when the internet was not present, you would ask. In those days people had books and travel magazines which would tell people about various places and exotic destinations which they could visit. Travelling in those days was almost like taking a leap of faith into the unknown but in the end; it would always be worth it as the joy of visiting and experiencing new places is a thing which one would remember for the rest of their lives.