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Find The Right Tyres for Your Ride

Tyres play a very important role in the functioning and also in the performance of the motorcycle. It is really important for one to choose the right tyre for their bike which suits their needs and the requirements of the location and that of the climate as well. One can buy motorcycle tyres online as well as from a registered distributor or shops- there are a lot of options to choose from and for that you do not have to go through thousands of reviews online or ask your mechanic friend, instead check this article out about the best and the right motorcycle tyres with proper descriptions and reviews which is sure to help you choose the right tyre for your bike!

1. Michelin Pilot Power 2CT

Known to be one of the high performing motorcycle tyres, Michelin Pilot Power is the best option for on-road biking with its 17-inch tyres. The tyres are 180 mm wide and have a 55% aspect ratio which provides better control and turning for the rider. The tyres also work just as fine on wet roads as it would do on normal dry roads. The tyres are made of a rubber mix towards the edges which makes it 20% softer than average tyres and thus making it the best tyre for a much better cornering grip and also allows a lean angle of about 51.2 degrees. One can purchase these motorcycle tyres online.

2. Michelin Pilot Road 4

Michelin Pilot Road 4 is 17-inch tyres which are perfect for riders who love speed. One can say that this tyre is an all-rounder for daily commuting as it is reliable in the sense that it is tubeless and thus diminishes the chances of getting a flat tyre and increasing control through its treading leading to high-end performance. Like any other Michelin tyre, Pilot Road 4 works just as better on the wet surface as it would on dry roads. The tyre model is 180mm wide with great handling thus providing better braking and acceleration. The tyre is also said to have a 2 compound technology with enhanced tread patterns and XST+ siping. Pilot Road 4 is a rated W bike which means that the tyre has been designed to perform at a maximum speed of 168 mph and not more than that.

3. Continental Motion Tyres

People tend to prefer good quality things which are a bit cheaper in the market but as we know, it is not quite possible unless they are the Continental Motion Tyres. These tyres are manufactured with the proper manufacturing standards and also do not require you to be broke after purchasing a couple of these. The tyres are radial which enables the rider to have full control even on wet roads. These tyres also offer a better tread life even after daily usage for a whole year. The rear tyre has a steel belt which provides the tyre with extra strength and flexibility and in turn, providing more stability. The new polymer compounds used on the tread patterns gives a better performance than most tyres. The front tyre is 120 mm wide and has an aspect ratio of about 70% while the rear tyre measures 18mm with an aspect ratio of 55%. Both the front and the rear tyres are 17 inches in diameter.

4. Kenda Cruiser K671

The Kenda Cruiser is not as expensive when compared to other tyres but has a solid construction which provides you with a long life. The Kenda tyres are DOT approved with a speed rating of H which means that it is specifically designed for bikes which have a top speed of not more than 130mph. These tyres are best for cruising because of its design and tread work. It has deep offset tread sips which enable it to perform efficient water disposition. In other words, it provides the rider with proper traction, even on wet roads. The sidewalls of the tyres are quite strong and stiff which enables the rider to have a problem free riding experience. The tyres are said to be heavy duty with its overall performance. The tyres measure 90mm in width and have an aspect ratio of 100%. It is a tubeless tyre which means that you seldom have to expect a flat tyre.

One could choose from the options of tyres which are stated above but it is really important to know what you actually require. Write your requirements down and shortlist your options. This will help you to choose the right tyre for you in no time. It is also very important to do your research and homework before you set off to buy the tyres. You need to know about the reliability of the dealer or the seller before you have purchased the tyre. Till then, be safe and keep riding!