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Find the Right Tyres for your Bicycle

India is a densely populated country where most of the main roads in a metro city are filled with busses, cars and motorcycles which makes daily commuting a lot more difficult and time-consuming. So, the best alternative would be to take the small lanes and bypasses but those roads are jam-packed as well which makes it all the more difficult. So, the only viable source of transportation is a bicycle. Just think about it- Bicycles are easy to maintain, does not require petrol and can easily be used to commute through small roads and lanes. But, one also has to keep in mind the type of roads which are there in our country- filled with potholes most of the time, which results in flat tyres, punctures and what not and for that reason one should buy the right tyres for their bicycle which will suit their needs on Indian roads and for that reason, we present to you this article which will help you to choose the right tyres for your bicycle. You can easily purchase these bicycle tyres online.

1. Specialized Roubaix Pro Road Bike Tyre

The Roubaix Pro tyre by Specialized is a masterpiece when it comes to bicycle tyres. The tyres are said to have a balancing ride quality with protection against puncture and weatherproofing. These tyres are preferable for Indian roads as they are quite heavy duty with their 120 TPI count which is set out as an endurance option. The compound which is used to make these tyres is Specialized’s very own Gripton material. The tyres are said to have a bead to bead endurant casting which protects it from getting punctures. The same casting is said to have Kevlar and Nylon which is paired with Blackbelt technology for superior quality and better performance when compared to other bicycle tyres.

2. Pirelli Cinturato Road Bike Tyre

Pirelli is quite the name when it comes to bicycle tyres but their new model of Cinturato road tyre is the first tubeless option. Designed for rough roads or for even no roads at all, the Cinturato is available in four kinds of widths- from 26mm to 35mm, providing you with a real smooth ride. The Smartnet Silica tech of Pirelli’s provides more grip on the road and the Armour Tech prevents the tyre from punctures with extra sidewall protection.

3. Schwalbe Durano Road Bike Tyre

If you are looking for something which will last you for a long time then Schwalbe is the right brand for you and with their latest model, the Durano, they have made it clear that no brand can compete with them when it comes to tyre durability. The Durano tyres are great for all kinds of surface and are pretty good on wet roads as well.  As said earlier, this tyre is quite durable due to the RaceGuard protection belt which makes it durable and perfect for any kind of road or for no road at all! It is safe to say that these tyres do not puncture that easily and will provide the rider with a proper grip for a long time.

4. Continental GP 4 Season Road Bike Tyre

The Continental GP 4 is a hybrid between Continentals’ GP4000S and the GatorSkin, which is the heavy duty version of Continental. Although these tyres are quite a lot tougher than the GP4000S but surprisingly happen to be quite soft as well due to the compound which is used to manufacture it. This enables the tyre to be more durable and versatile as well. The wet grip is also said to be much better than its predecessors and is said to keep the bicycle upright even when it was passed through an oil spill. The tyres are also said to have an excellent puncture and sidewall protection which results in the lifespan of the tyre and its durability as well.

5. Vittoria Zaffiro Road Tyre

Vittoria’s Zaffiro Raod Type tyre is highly durable due to its tough casing which noticeably decreases the chances of having a puncture while you are out there on the road although it is said that the Zaffiro is not a high-end option. T5his tyre is said to be relatively cheaper when compared to other tyres in the market but there are a few problems with these types such as that the tyre does not roll quickly and also makes it a bit difficult while taking the corners but, these tyres just do you just fine if you are not looking to race and use these for daily use. There are three sizes which are available in the market- 23mm, 25mm and 28mm.

There are a lot of ways through which you can buy your bicycle tyres- either from a registered dealership or a store or you can just buy your bicycle tyres online. It is really important to know what you actually require and do your research accordingly and remember, always be aware and safe while riding!