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The French giant, Michelin tyre or the Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin is the second largest tyre manufacturing retailer in the market just behind Bridgestone. Even though they sell tyres for space shuttles, heavy vehicles etc they also produce tyres for car s and bikes. Finding Michelin motorcycle tyres online is now easy when you check out the tyres we provide at Trails of India.

Michelin Sirac Street- Optimized groove-rubber ratio provides super grip, efficient braking and easy handling in wet conditions. 

Michelin Scorcher 11 - Inspired by our supersport tyres, the MICHELIN Scorcher 11 is made with quality materials, such as aramid fibre used in the aviation industry. It has lightness and strength but also unfailing stability at high speed for the Super Low™ Sportster.

Michelin Scorcher 21 - Our engineers have created high-quality tyres using high-performing, quality materials, such as aramid fibre used in the aviation industry. Ultra-lightweight and durable, this material ensures tyres are responsive and very stable, even at high speeds. It provides remarkable grip in wet surface and stability at high speeds.

Michelin Power Slick Evo - The MICHELIN Power Slick Evo tyre has been designed to be as simple as possible to use back up with the reassurance of MICHELIN ACT technology. The flexible carcass allows adaptable compounds to be used and is not overly sensitive to suspension and geometry settings, allowing you to spend your time on the track instead of the pits.

Wild Rock R2 Advance - MICHELIN Wild Rock’R2 offers a "beefier" tread pattern effective in extreme conditions.
- Massive rubber blocks spread over the whole width of the tread to withstand the very worst stresses.
- Bold shoulder pattern, with claw-shaped tread blocks to guarantee excellent grip when riding across slopes and make it easier to exit ruts and grip when cornering.
- Central groove to give this tyre accurate steering.

Stargrip FR - The truly novel design of the "star" tread pattern offers exceptional grip and adherence on slippery surfaces of all types, whether damp, very wet, snow-covered or greasy.
The "Star Tread" pattern (patented by MICHELIN) offers increase tread block mobility as well as localized pressurization to maximize grip.

It uses a specific rubber compound to ensure that the tread and rubber function perfectly at very low temperatures

The star shape results in a very high number of tread block edge giving multi-directional adherence for maximum grip. 

City Range Energy - Very low rolling resistance and exceptional grip in the wet due to:
• An extremely easy-rolling tread pattern
• A rubber compound made specifically for eBikes

Country Rock - The Michelin Country Rock Tire is an all-time favourite for around Town and commuting use it is great for city streets, hardpack, and gravel. Ideally suited To hardpack Trails or urban use Excellent cornering grip Tire Bead: Steel ISO Diameter: 559 ISO Width: 44 mm Tire Type: Clincher Tire Diameter: 26" Tire Use: Mountain, PSI: 29-58 PSI

Pilot street Radial - The Radial Architecture offers precise handling and stability. Its Silica-based tread rubber provides excellent wet grip and Sporty tread pattern gives your bike a smart and sporty look. 

Suitable for:

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, AS 200, RS 200,

Yamaha YZF-R15,

Honda CBR 150R

Wild Rock R2 Advance - Numerous small sipes in the tread pattern, increasing the mobility of tread blocks improving adhesion. 


Tyres benefit from the newest compound: the MAGI-X Series or the GUM-X series 


Ease of rolling and exceptional braking thanks to the alternate transverse and longitudinal blocks in forms of teeth establishing the tread 


The "REINFORCED" casing allows you to handle the harshest of terrains 

It offers a good compromise between weight and strength which is ideal for Enduro riding 

Protek Urban FR - Exceptional grip on wet surfaces and unequalled ease of rolling thanks to:
• An extremely easy-rolling tread pattern
• A compound derived from MICHELIN PRO4 Grip road tires

The MICHELIN Protek Urban tire also boasts the new generation of ARAMIDE fibre MICHELIN anti-puncture reinforcements

DETAIL of tread pattern

1- Easy-rolling pattern in the centre for pedalling efficiency.
Tread pattern and rubber compound derived from the MICHELIN PRO4 Grip for exceptional grip in the wet

2- Progressive grooving on the shoulders

Protek Max - For maximum protection, MICHELIN offer MAX technology (5 mm of essential reinforcement against punctures)

 Progressive grooving rate, with more grooves at the shoulders, for excellent grip on the wet and greasy ground

  • Rolling continuity at the centre for greater efficiency on the road Ultimate puncture resistance
  • The tread pattern makes for easier rolling
  • The rubber compound gives excellent grip
  • The continuous design at the centre and the high level of grooving on the shoulders give excellent grip on wet and greasy surfaces. 

Wild Grip - The MICHELIN Wild Grip'R2 folding tyre is intended for Cross Country / Marathon use on mixed terrain.

The tyre profile provides an excellent compromise between grip/performance/cleaning.
Its studs allow reassuring grip while cornering and while banking.

All of these are priced between Rs. 1190-Rs. 27880. Including these, there are several more motorcycle tyres available in different sizes on the website.