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Don’t go mountain biking without these essentials

Mountain biking or any other adventure sports require certain accessories which are essential for the expedition in which you partake. However, the problem lays in the fact- what accessory to choose from amongst the list available in the market. Whatever might be your terrain- one thing must be absolutely certain- you should have a clear idea about the essentials that you will carry like the palm of your hand. It is beyond any doubt that a perfect set of accessory will not only bail you out during the trip but will also save you from getting a bad trip- literally!

To begin with, the first priority in your checklist must be the comfort factor. And for that very reason, an adjustable saddle is must in our opinion. The saddle which is controlled by handlebar mount comes handy during long and exhaustive rides. As the adjustable height ensures a great deal of comfort, it is a must to have accessory or modification in your mountain bike. Moreover, the constituent material of the seat should also be soft and durable to eliminate back pain and other ailments.

Next in line comes the issue of your personal safety. As we all know adventure riding of any sort comes with an amount of risk associated with it. Whatever might be the genre- horse riding, bike riding or mountain biking- all of them have their fair share of risk attached to the tagline. Now the point is to eliminate the possibility as much as possible and have a blast. And for that very reason, there are three accessories that you just cannot miss. Namely the helmet, kneepad and elbow pad. Although it may sound monotonous, yet these three are your best bet while a steep descend or navigating through an acute cure while on the road. Mishaps are prone to happen on those treacherous mountain tracks and trust me these three buddies can save your day in a way you just cannot fathom right now. So don’t you dare to go out on a trip without these three biking essentials.  

Next in the line is another very obvious yet extremely important mountain bike accessory that you must have on your bike. And yes; there is no point for guessing and guessing it right; we are going to talk about the bike tires.  One fact remains certain- that there is nothing more treacherous than a mountain road. And if you are going to the high mountains of the fold origin, then boy you must be careful. Starting from steep down the foot slopes to muddy traversable terrain, the high mountains have them all. And for that very reason, it is of utmost importance that you must maintain a solid grip on the road. And that solid footing will only come from a tire with superior road grip. Although riding depends on the rider’s skills, yet these accessories can save the day from being a disaster. After all, no one wants a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

The next accessory that we are going to talk about is about hydration. On a long trip, right under the mountain sun, it is of utmost importance to stay hydrated. And for that very reason carrying a hydration pack is nothing but necessity. Easy to carry, the hydration pack comes with a hose, which can be used while riding. So if you are on a long trek, and could not afford to waste time to have a sack down rest, the hydration pack will save your time and health.

The next important mountain bike accessory that we are going to talk about is the right kind of shoes. Just like hiking or trekking, mountain biking also demands special kind of shoes. You can’t even imagine the number of ways a specialized shoe can save your day. And not only the shoes, but having the right pedal for your bike is also a must. Our call is the clipless ones- the SPD pedals. And riding an SPD pedal needs a specialized shoe to have that effortless feel both while ascending and descending. So do invest in a good shoe and pedal for your mountain bike.

Next comes the night lights. While on a mountain trip, never forget to invest on a night lamp, especially those which can be mounted on your helmet. They not only free your arms but also enable you to ride even after sunset. Moreover, they are also handy during night time while you are camping.

While packing for your trip, make sure to have a proper chain breaker in your list. It will not only save you during those glitches that might occur during a ride but having one also ensures that you won’t need external help in fixing your bike anytime any day.

All the mentioned mountain bike parts are available online.