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Dalhousie- A must visit to witness nature’s beauty

Located at about 2,000 metres above sea-level in the Chamba District of Himanchal Pradesh, Dalhousie has a number of places that are worth visiting. This is made more tempting by the fact that, unlike Shimla or Manali, Dalhousie is relatively short in size and is therefore less crowded with people – more so if you decide to drop in at the time of the off-season. Owing to its small size but unmistakable colonial legacies, this place is the gateway to experience the colonial lifestyle far from the madding crowd and the riff-raff of vehicular traffic.

It is said that beauty often lies in the eye of the beholder and no two people might find the same thing to be beautiful. So although what might be the most beautiful place to visit in Dalhousie might find a variety of answers from different individuals, the fact that there is no dearth of beautiful locales in and around Dalhousie means that there is something beautiful for everyone to appreciate, appraise and praise. Therefore, when we are talking about the most beautiful place to visit in the vicinity, we are not talking in singular terms.

It might sound a bit obvious but Dalhousie proper is the most beautiful place that you’re visiting in the first place. Any length of stay or residence would make you fall in love with the place. A combination of tranquillity and breath-taking views of the surrounding hills is the thing that makes Dalhousie very unique among Indian hill-stations. With misty and cloud-covered hills in the day and clear skies at night, just taking a casual look at the scenery itself would convince you of the innate beauty around which Dalhousie has been created and developed. The city-planning is fairly simple, consisting of three malls constructed in the 1860s; the city centre – around the General Post Office (GPO) – is situated on the second mall.

However, Dalhousie happens to be an absolute paradise for those who love hiking and trekking. While it is certainly true that cars and taxis can help you to get around distant places that might take near about an hour or so on foot, the journey on foot itself might be the most memorable and mesmerizing experience as it makes you encounter stunning views of the entire area. And if you are in the disposition to have an impromptu picnic (provided you have brought picnic items with you), that is equally possible as the environs around Dalhousie provide ample space for holding picnics.

For those who love nature and wildlife in the same breath, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to check out during your stay in Dalhousie. Khajjar, Kalatop, Dain Kund, Lakarmandi and Bara Pahar are some of the attractions in the sanctuary itself. And those who want to immerse themselves in the colonial legacy and some examples of late-Victorian architecture, a stroll through the town is more than enough to satiate your desire.

Dalhousie can therefore be summed as a location filled to the brim with picturesque scenes and beauty. It is a place where every nook and corner holds something of aesthetic and sensual value. Anywhere you’d want to go, Dalhousie shall not disappoint you with its tranquil environs.