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Best communities for Indian bikers

Let’s just make one thing clear, to begin with, riding a bike and using it to cover a distance aren’t one and the same thing. Riding a bike is an art, imbibed into one’s self. And just like other exclusive sports, cutthroat riding is not for everybody.

As it is an exclusive affair, groups or communities are formed for likeminded people sharing a passion for one thing- riding. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the best websites or communities for Indian riders. If you’re a budding rider and want to join a rider’s group to help with all your riding goals, then this blog is just for you!

The India Bull Riders

The India Bull riders are the most prominent rider community of this country. Formed back in 2007, some 11 years have passed on since the bull has spread its wings. It is essentially a Royal Enfield club, so all the untamed bullet guys gear up to join the bull’s abode. The India Bull Riders have a significant presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Udaipur.

The Harley Davidson Group

Buying a Harley Davidson is considered an exceptional feat in our country. Thus, to keep this premium flock together, the country’s Harley owners’ group was formed in 2010, an offshoot of the US original which was formed back in 1983. Currently, the community has more than 4000 members in 13 units across the country.

The Bikernis

Conventions break with the inevitable passage of time and give pace to newer and fresher ideas. The first women biker’s gang of our country, the Bikernis was established to challenge certain blunt conventions and stereotypes. Today, the group of over 600 riders is all geared up to spread onto newer pastures. They currently hold the Limca record for organising the largest all women motorbike expedition to Khardung-La!

The Dominar Owners Club

When there is a Harley on the horizon, can a Dominar be left far behind? Just like The Harley Owners Group, the Dominar Owner Club was established to unite all the likeminded Dominar owners of this country. Currently, the group has over 500 riders, uplifting the banner of unity.


Bajaj Avenger Club

Another innovative biker’s gang was formed under the banner of Bajaj Avenger Club, which is the largest avenger conglomerate across the world. With over 11 units spread across the country, the 3000+ strong group is aiming for greater heights. Moreover, they take part in social work in association with an orphanage in Bidadi.


The Musafir

When we hear about roads and road trips, the first line that comes into our minds is – Musafir huu yaaron! With wanderlust riding in their veins, a group of Mumbai and Pune youngsters formed the Musafir group back in 2010. As a Musafir must have an open heart, this group is open to all. No matter what bike you possess, you are welcome. The group is not only about riding long distances, they organise workshops and classes about a diverse range of topics such as road safety, how to select the best riding gear and so on.


The Trails of India

Not only groups and communities, but there are some websites which also comes in handy for a biker. And one such web destination is TOI or This website deals with all the information you need to know about bikes such as new launches, both globally and locally, road safety norms, riding clubs, events and so on. They also have an online store for riders.