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Benelli Leoncino Launching soon in India

Do you want a bike which is neo retro in look, yet sporty? And what if it is powered by a powerful parallel twin engine? Well, there is hardly anything that a bike enthusiast can yearn for more. So! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the brand new Benelli Leoncino. Sounds strange? Well yeah, the Italian giant is not that much known in the Indian diaspora. The wave of globalization has ushered in quite a few strong features in the Indian market: something which is closely followed by the global top shots. The unique desi feature of the current subcontinent is the value for money. We are ready to shelve big bucks, only if the value for money is there. So, in this light we will try to decode whether the upcoming Benelli Leoncino fits into the desi mould in this article. So let's begin.


The key feature of any bike or car is it's engine, the heart and soul of it. It is powered by a powerful 500cc, or rather to be precise 499.6cc engine. Moreover the engine is parallel-twin powered, liquid cooled engine. The power output of the machine is 47bhp at nearly 8500rpm. And the torque is 45 Newton meter at 5000 rpm. The dry weight of the machine is around 186 kg. The projected mileage output of the beast is said to be about 25 kmpl. The fuel storing capacity of the bike is 13.2 liters. So it is quite possible that a full tank is capable of the cross city tour. 


Although incepted as an adventure tourer, the practical features Off the bike makes sure that it is suitable for all purposes. The design of the beast is modeled after the age old Leoncino,  by maintaining the core design. However the modern state of the art alterations has heightened it into a bike of tomorrow. Thus it can be safely concluded that heritage and modernism blended superbly in the Benelli Leoncino.  The inverted telescopic fork supports the front wheel and monochrome shock absorbers take care of the rear end. It is worth mentioning that the bike is originally modeled on the 1951  launched Leoncino. By keeping the vintage frame intact the Benelli farm has got into the business of offering a simple bike vivid with all modern features that a sports bike of its genre must have, albeit maintaining the neo-retro charm.



The bike is provided with a full digital console, and features such as digital dashboard with analogue tachometer. Both the front and rear light lamps are LED in nature. Both the front and rear wheels are made of allow, and are 17inches in diameter. The front wheel is supported by twin discs of 320mm and the rear wheel is supported by 260mm disc. As a result it ensures superior road grip offering immense security to the rider.  The Automatic Braking System or ABS is standard and normal. 

Upon its launch it will be India's first mid capacity scrambler. It is speculated that there will be three variants of the bike, and all three of them would be launched in India in a phased manner, namely the Lenocino sport and Leoncino trail. As the name goes, the trail is an all purpose bike, offering superior grip over any road or terrain. And the Leoncino sport is the perfect sports bike for gen Y. 


It is expected that this basic variant will carry the price tag of about 5.5 lakh rupees. 

Performance wise it is expected to be a power punch. Now it is up to the market to decide whether it lives up to its expectation.