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Beginners guide to modifying a motorcycle

The bond which a biker shares with his machine is something which words cannot describe. And fuelled by this bond, we the bikers, always want to add up something new, modify it or rather beautify the beast, like Pygmalion create something perfect by our bare hands. And in this quest, of modelling and modifying, what ensures is a process of trial and error. Now for a nowise, with heartfelt aspiration of modifying his mean machine into the perfectmotorized beast, yet he doesn’t know where to start from and exactly what to do, this article will surely guide that wandering soul into the right path of salvation.

Always consult an expert

To begin with, just like the invocation of muses’ part in epics, you must keep one thing in mind- neverever do any kind of modification without expert guidance and supervision. Unguided modifications will not only affect the overall performance of your bike, but it also can mount to severemechanical problems later on. and on the other hand there are a number of so calledcool gadgets available in the market, such as high intensity LED lights which although are attractive like hell, yet are Illegal to install as per the traffic laws, as the intense light blinds the rider or drivercoming from the opposite lane.

Modification of the wheels

Let’s begin with the modification guidance regarding the wheels of your bike. There are a number of ways in which you can modify the wheels, to completely change the look of your machine. Installing bigger and broader wheels will not only enhance the overall look of your bike, but will also ensure superior grip on the road, especially during the rainy season. However the whole process must be done under expert guidance, as what should be the optimal size of your wheels is something which an expert can only answer.

Installation of bar-end indicators

You can also install the bar end indicators, on your handle bar. It not only gives a new look to your bike, but also breaks the chain of monotony. The bar end indicator whichreplaces the traditional indicator, not only effectively manages space but gives a classy look as well. Not only installing bar end indicator, you can install chain guards as well, which will not only protect the chains from eternal slur, mud and dirt, but a well painted shinover guard looks attractive as well.

Few tips about painting your beast

Not only the chaincovers, you can paint the engines as well. Say for example, if your bike is white in color, you can paint the engine in chequeblack and white. This pattern has got a charm of its own, and is best suited for this color combination.

Some funky tid-bits

Currently there is a cool trend of installing your number plate as your mud-guard. This whole set-up is not only unique, but effective as well, protecting your bike from all those slush and mud, at the same time doing the legal duty.

Never forget your seats

Another key composition which you have to deal with while customizing your bike is the never ending experiment regarding the seats. Although there are thousand and one variant of modified seat covers, yet there is one which stands out from the rest- yes! The leather seat covers. The leather seat cover goes with anything and everything. Whatever might be your altering style the leather goes with every single one of them with grace.

You can buy all the necessary bike modification parts online in India, as buying online reduces thechances of being duped, a high probability for a nowise, especially in a country like India. So if you follow these simple instructions while modifying your machine, it is almost certain that no problem will come in your way.