Trails of India
Indian Vistas That Will Take Your Breath Away

The world is a beautiful place, and nature is the source of most of the beauty that this world has. Our country is particularly lucky when it comes to natural beauty as every region of India has been blessed with its own, unique set of geographical and environmental features that make them look like paradise on earth. It would be impossible to describe in mere words how beautiful these places are, and we are of the opinion that natural beauty can be experienced only when you see them instead of reading about them in a magazine or a journal.

Therefore, in order to make it easier for you to see these places for yourself at your own convenience, we have created a list of places in India that are naturally beautiful. In creating this list, we have placed locations that are either naturally beautiful (in the literal sense) and which have been accorded legal protection as designated areas (biosphere reserves and animal sanctuaries). Combining these two sub-categories helps us to appreciate places that might be beautiful without human interference and that might be beautiful because laws have been passed to prevent its destruction in any manner or form.

The places that are of naturally aesthetic significance are:

Jammu and Kashmir 
The northernmost state of the Indian Union, it’s often dubbed as a paradise on earth for its picturesque landscapes and breath-taking views. The state has a number of tourist destinations and places of interest. Some of the places you should check out are Baramullah, Pahalgam, Vaishno Devi Temple, Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Leh. Not surprisingly, the state also has the world record of having the highest pucca road in the world, at the Khadung-la Pass.


The capital of the state of Himanchal Pradesh, it used to be the summer capital of the colonial administration when India used to be a colony of Britain. As such, the city not only offers a great natural landscape to look out for but it also offers an insight on to the colonial heritage and legacy for the visitors. Come and embrace this tiny enclave of England nestled in the Shivalik hills.

This city is the capital of the state of Rajasthan and is given the epithet of the Pink City due to the houses in the old quarter being painted on that colour. As the gateway to the Thar Desert, this city offers a spectacular glimpse at the cultural heritage of the entire state that was cultivated over the course of centuries, it being reflected in such structures like the Hawa Mahal and the Royal Observatory, known as the Jantar Mantar.

A city located within the sand dunes of the Great Indian Desert, this place is arguably the most unique of its kind in the entire state. The majestic fort of Ranthambore overlooking the city is an awe-inspiring sight, but the attraction that actually sets the city apart is the National Park located nearby. This Park is of immense significance as it hosts a population of Royal Bengal tigers.

Located between the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, this tiny state holds as much historical significance as the two states combined. A former colony of Portugal that was liberated through military action in 1962, Goa is a harmonious blend between Portuguese culture and the wider Konkani culture that it shares with coastal Maharashtra and coastal Karnataka. Famous for its scenic beaches and amazing nightlife, tourists might also want to check out Panaji and Malegaon, two major urban centres in North and South Goa, respectively.


A former French possession in Southern India, the city today is an interesting admixture between French architecture and picture-perfect beaches, creating an unlikely and yet effective symmetry. For enthusiasts of spirituality and metaphysical discourses, the township of Auroville is not too far from Pondicherry itself.