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9 Unbelievable Cycling Destinations in India

The one activity that gives the greatest sense of freedom is riding a bicycle. Right from childhood, and sometimes even at later stages in life, exploring new roads on a bicycle has always been enthralling.

Before you ride, here’s what you need:

1. A bicycle (of course!)

2. Elbow guards and kneecaps

3. Helmet

4. Gloves

5. Cash, just in case (zero fuel costs though)

6. Knap sack for supplies like air pump, water etc

An adventurous spirit (wooo!)

There are many different styles of cycling, from mountain biking to track or road cycling. Depending on which style suits you, here are 10 great cycling trails in India to help you rediscover your freedom:

1. Leh to Jammu & Kashmir:
Riding a bicycle along India’s highest motorable road is a magical experience, to say the least. If
you are a mountain biker looking to test your limits in the Himalayas, this is one journey you will
definitely take. Like a bike trip to Ladakh is a customary ritual, a cycling expedition in Leh should
also be on top of your list.

2. Gangtok to Nathu La:
Another beautiful mountain pass where you will definitely find peace, Nathu La is pretty close to
the Indo-Chinese border in Sikkim. The roads are gorgeous and are known to enchant every
rider, and the Tsomgo Lake, frozen throughout winter, is a beauty to behold. It makes for a
scenic and relaxing ride, although the weather can be a bit rough, so make sure you are dressed

3. Coorg to Munnar:
Munnar in Kerala is perfect for beginners in the world of cycling but is frequented by riders of
all kinds. The amazing natural beauty and gorgeous tea estates along the route make it a perfect
trail to ride. There are also a number of man-made trails in addition to the natural ones, which
make the ride more adventurous and fun.

4. Mumbai to Mangalore/Trivandrum:
Whether you are looking for breathtaking beaches or thick forests, this trail has it all. Along
NH17 between Udupi and Mangalore, this route lets you choose your destination according to
your mood. You could choose a leisure trip and go up to Mangalore, or if you’re feeling
adventurous head on all the way down to Trivandrum. Either way, you won’t regret it.

5. Mangalore to Goa:

This is an interesting ride too. The stretch of NH66 (formerly NH17) from Mangalore to Goa is
hailed by the Maravanthe Beach on one side and the Suparnika river on the other. It is the only
road of its kind in India.

6. The Roads of Rajasthan:

Rajasthan has the ability to take you back in time. Topped with majestic forts and a rich history,
you could pick any city at random, and they would all have a lot to offer. Cycling through the
rustic, rural roads that are shared by camels and buffalos is an experience you will never forget.

7. Pindari, Uttarakhand:
To the Southeast of Nanda Devi lies the Pindari Glacier, the best place to ride a cycle to (if you
are looking for adventure). Remember, you reach the Pindari Glacier only after crossing some of
the most beautiful Himalayan villages and natural trails, so keep your eyes open. The state of
Uttarakhand is filled with many unexplored cycling trails waiting to be discovered. Go figure!

8. Bhalukpong to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh:
The roads along this route are dangerous and deadly, not meant for the fainthearted. It is one of
the most adventurous cycling routes in India, where you might have to dodge a few landslides as
you check out the hills and forests. It is not easy at all, but that is what adds to the excitement,

9. Manali to Spiti Valley:
From the breathtaking culture within the monasteries and temples to the interesting locals in
the highest village in the world, this is one trail that will appeal to you on a whole other level.
Gear up!

Did we miss any? Which one are you going to start with? Let us know in the comments below.