5 Trendy Biking Gear Essentials For Your Next Trip

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5 Trendy Biking Gear Essentials For Your Next Trip

Universally, biking gear is a pair of high leather boots and a black leather jacket. Add a pair of Ray Ban aviators and you’re good to go. But with the weather going from brutally hot to extremely wet, and the constantly changing roads, your biking gear needs an upgrade too. Here are 5 upgrades your biking gear, and your body, definitely need this year:

1. All Weather Jacket: With the weather getting more and more unpredictable every day, an all weather jacket works like a charm. Take for instance, the Zeus Airdrift Jacket which comes with detachable thermal and waterproof layers. So it’s keeps you warm in Ladakh, and then when you’re heading back to the plains, simply remove the thermal layer. All weather jackets fit better than leather jackets, and give you a lot more space for movement.
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2. Body Protector: No one really plans an accident. Elbow protectors and knee guards can only do so much in the event of an accident. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t important, but a body protector is an essential which most riders believe they can do without. Not only does a body protector brace your chest and spine, it also protects your torso against the harsh weather conditions on the way. The Komine Back Protector offers improved comfort by using a three-dimensional mesh inside pad. It also comes in different adaptive shapes for men and women.
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3. Pants: Padding on the hips is important in a crash. Pants should have some armouring and be windproof and waterproof. They need to be big enough to fit over your boots. Many pants will have a zip at the back to attach to your jacket. If you already have a jacket check before you buy that the zips are compatible. Check out the trendy Zeus Voyager Motorcycle Pants, for perfect comfort, protection and style.
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4. Biking Gloves: If you have ever tripped before (not “road” trip, the “fall flat on your face” trip), you know your hands shoot out in front to protect your body. An accident on your bike will cause the same reaction. Your hands are the one of the most important parts of successful, safe riding. Biking gloves protect your hands, and also provide a good grip on the handle. Getting the right pair of biking gloves is important, but not that difficult. They will likely have knuckle protection and should have a wrist strap that you can tighten to keep them on your hands. It’s important that they are breathable otherwise your hands will be sweaty and uncomfortable. Make sure you carry an extra pair on all your trips, in case you wet or lose one.
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5. Ear Plugs: Good ear plugs should reduce sound volume by 25-30dB, and this is enough to turn a bike from something that will give you hearing damage in an hour to something you could ride for 6 hours without damage. Noise also causes fatigue which will eventually start affecting your concentration. They are available from pharmacies, hardware stores and more.

Did we miss anything? What is the one thing you never travel without? Let us know in the comments below.

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