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5 reasons that make bungee cord a necessity

The technological advancements that we have witnessed in the recent times have gifted us with technologies that have not only eased our daily life but has also opened a new door of opportunity in various fields concerning our daily life. A bungee cord is something of that sort. A cord made of elastic material and polymer and plastic has not only eased our daily life but has also helped us in other aspects; say for example during a mountain bike ride. It might sound odd, yet it is true that a bungee cord can help a budding hiker or a biker in a large number of possible ways. In this article, we will deal about five distinct ways that make a bungee cord a necessity.

To start with, a bungee cord for a bike is extremely helpful to pack things in your bike or motorcycle or atop your car. As they are extremely lightweight yet durable, it comes handy during a tour or trek, as there is hardly any problem carrying it alongside your other luggage. The cord generally comes with a hook attached to its ends, so tying it with a support system is also very easy. And apart from that the extreme tension that a bungee cord can handle, comes handy in packing a large number of items under its zig-zag cover.

A bungee cord is also used to tow a fellow biker during an exhaustive uphill trek. The power of endurance arises from person to person. And as a result during a trek, it's quite obvious that quite a few group member would become exhausted midway. In that scenario, if someone has got the stamina to push forward with his bike, he can easily tie the bike up his fallen comrade with a bungee cord with his bike and push ahead. In this way, the cohesion of the group remains and the trek can be completed within its stipulated time. It is nothing but the age-old concept of towing a broke down car with another car so that the broke down vehicle can be moved to someplace for repairing.

A bungee cord comes handy during camping as well. Be it using for setting up the camp, or using it as a separate rope to hang stuff, the cord can bail you out even from the tightest situations. Say, for example, one of the ropes that you use for pitching your tent, suddenly snaps, unable to bear the tension. In that case, the bungee cord can save your day. As the high tension carrying capacity of the makes sure that there will be no instance of a sudden snap. So, in that case, all you need to do is some modifications here and there and you are ready to go.

Perhaps the bungee cord is most useful indoors. It is a superb idea to use a bungee cord to hang stuff. Be it wet clothes or as a second curtain panel holder. It can also be widely used in the kitchen to hang towels and paper towels and other stuff. You can use a bungee cord to safely tie-up your grocery bag while driving, to ensure that there is no spill on the storage part of your car. And not only that while on a long trip, but you can also use a bungee cord to hang things like an extra towel or a napkin, a soft toy for the young ones to ward off any instance of monotony. You can also use the cord to hold your yoga mat after you are done with your workout.

Next, in the line comes the various creative things that you can do with a bungee cord. Say for example you can decorate a small chair or the small stairway with the bungee cord. These sorts of creative ideas will not only decorate your home to another level but also will bring out your creative spirit. To start with you can make a baby gate with a bungee cord. It will not only look good but will save you quite an amount of money, to begin with. If you have that funky spirit within you, then you can use the cords to make laces for your sneakers or canvas shoes. You can also organize your things into sorts of mini racks with the help of bungee cords. Bungee cords can very well be used as bed guards, especially if you have a baby in the household. You can also use the cord for tying up things, an easy recyclable solution for use and throw ribbons.

In conclusion, one thing can be said; a bungee cord can be used in any way you can imagine. All you need is a bit of your innovative side, and you are set to go.